Kara Mia’s Enchanting Final Week

June 24, 2019

The (mis)adventures of Kara & Mia are coming to an end this Friday.

Debuting on February 18, 2018, Kara Mia stars Barbie Forteza & Mika dela Cruz as twins Kara & Mia who share the same body, with Kara’s face at the front and Mia’s face at the back, but different personalities.

Just like its predecessors which went head-to-head with FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, it was no match for Cardo Dalisay’s immortality. However, it performed well, earning ratings within 9-12% (based on AGB Nielsen NUTAM), and managed to produce 92 episodes once it wraps up on Friday, becoming a few of Ang Probinsyano’s challengers to go beyond 80 episodes.. The positive feedback from viewers earned the series an extension.

Knowing that fantasy is one of GMA’s strength, Kara Mia is one of them. Barbie is no stranger when it comes to fantasy, as she used to star in a number of fantasy series before, notably Pilyang Kerubin. Mika embraced her bida-kontrabida role so well, though it took her some time to get used to go behind Barbie’s back. Not to mention that the series is still a trend online, thanks to Mia’s face. A couple of weeks after it made its debut, netizens became aware of how Kara & Mia act.

The series may have become another victim to Ang Probinsyano. But avid viewers will consider it as an achievement for Barbie & Mika. For now, Kara Mia’s final week will be intense, yet enchanting. It remains to be seen if either one or both of them will survive.


Food Xtreme: Toxic Burger

June 24, 2019

Toxic Burger is simply a spaghetti in a burger sandwich. This time, using Medical Student’s Burger & Toxic Spaghetti from Cafe Medic.


June 17, 2019

Today marks my 12th year on WordPress. My blog has been very active since early this year. It’s because I’m voluntarily filling in the shoes for From The Tube, which is currently on indefinite hiatus. I write about some programs on Philippine TV, albeit in my own style. It’s indeed challenging, but this has been the biggest achievement for my blog so far. I still write about the usual stuff and that’s one thing that won’t change in this blog. More to come in the future.

Food Xtreme: Sakura Big Mac

June 17, 2019

A Sakura Big Mac is a combination of 2 Japanese-themed burgers in the style of Big Mac.

StarStruck 7 & Weekend Schedule Changes

June 10, 2019

StarStruck Season 7 is about to premiere this Saturday night. From there on, it will air after Daddy’s Gurl on Saturdays and Daig Kayo Ng Lola Ko on Sundays. As a result, changes in GMA’s weekend primetime schedule have occurred.

The Saturday schedule will be largely affected. Pepito Manaloto and Daddy’s Gurl will air 30 minutes earlier, while Studio 7 will be moved to Saturday nights at 10pm, replacing Kapuso Movie Night.


This season will be hosted by Dingdong Dantes and Season 1’s Ultimate Female Survivor Jennylyn Mercado. Heart Evangelista-Escudero, Cherie Gil, and Jose Manalo will be serving as the judges.

Inside StarStruck is this season’s weekday online show and is hosted by Kyline Alcantara. Upon revealing her as host, viewers drew criticism on hosting choices, knowing that she’s an alumnus of SCQ Kids. It seems that GMA has spoiled the Sunflowers too much. If I were to address that issue, they could’ve added another host, possibly an alumnus of Starstruck Kids, to make it even.

Knowing that it goes live on YouTube & Facebook on weekdays, it remains to be seen if this show will air on k-drama Are You Human?‘s timeslot once the latter ends.


Studio 7 will be going head-to-head with PBB Otso, which is down to its last 8 weeks. Despite its 15-minute extension, several viewers are dismayed over its new timeslot. Here are some factors that they should understand:

  • Studio 7 is reminiscent of 80s musical variety show Penthouse Live, and so will be its schedule since the latter was aired on Sunday late nights.
  • Most of its primetime shows are still ongoing. GMA has no choice, but to move the show in place of Kapuso Movie Night.
  • The Asianovelas, Bubble Gang & The Boobay And Tekla Show have been successful in the 10pm timeslot. So, GMA would expect Studio 7 to do the same.

Knowing that it has been successful from the start, it will be a very bad move for GMA to pull the plug on the show since it will affect the Clashers. Instead of being judgmental, viewers should be thankful that the show is still retained. In short, they have no choice, but to adjust to its new timeslot.


Starstruck needs to recover from the criticisms in its previous season. And Studio 7 must prove their doubters wrong on its new timeslot. That said, it will be a long way for both shows.

Food Xtreme: Tri-Meat Burger

June 10, 2019

A Tri-Meat Burger is a burger which contains 3 types of meat: beef, pork & chicken.

Remembering Weekend Energy

June 8, 2019


Before Saved Radio occupied the entire Sunday a few years ago, there was Weekend Energy.


Weekend Energy was Energy FM’s weekend block. While its Saturday programming was much of a regular programming, its Sunday programming was somewhat similar to the ones on other mass-based stations. It comprised the following:

4am – 6am: Oldies (60s & 70s)

6am – 8am: New Wave (Including such music not familiar to the masses)

8am – 10am: OPM

10am – 1pm: FRC

1pm – 3pm: Lite Tracks

3pm – 8pm: Regular programming.

Its Sunday programming had limited choices.


By April 2012, Weekend Energy was revamped. This meant that instead of having a segment for each music category or genre, a certain scope will be played the entire day regardless of genre. This was the time when Hillbilly Willy was the station manager.

Since then, it played 80s & 90s every Saturday and 60s & 70s every Sunday. This became an advantage since the station showcased its vast music library of the 60s to 90s. A lot of its songs aren’t heard on other mass-based stations.

By July, management decided to mix up its Weekend playlist. This time, it played 70s, 80s and a handful of 90s throughout the entire Weekend.

By October, Weekend Energy was revamped once again, with its Retro playlist reduced to only Sundays. This was also the time when Ray Mambo joined the station.


On March 2013, that programming was revived, albeit on the mornings. Its Saturday program was called Back to the 80s, focusing on the 80s. Its Sunday program was called The Best of 106.70s, focusing on the 70s. And they were hosted by no other than Kenji. Every hour on the latter, it played disco music on its 1st part, and rock, mellow and the likes for the rest of the hour.

Later that year, singer Richard Merk had his own Saturday afternoon program called Words & Music. And Ray Mambo started his countdown called Radioactive Countdown, wherein it has 3 Top 5 charts: Foreign, OPM & K-Pop.

Moving forward to 2014. During that summer, it launched Nakaka-Local, which played only OPM for almost the entire Saturday. And fortunately, The Best of 106.70s was still retained, while Radioactive Countdown became a fully-fledged K-Pop program called K-Pop Sarap, which includes its own countdown. It also launched Throwback Thursday, which focused on the 80s & 90s for the entire Thursday.

By this time, the Weekend Energy brand had slowly disappeared.


And the rest is history. When Energy FM retrieved its Sunday block last year, it’s back to its usual line-up. And it’s now called Energy on Sunday. In my opinion, 2012 was the best year for Weekend Energy because that was the time it had a very uniform weekend playlist.