Remembering 99.5 RT

September 6, 2016


Today is the 40th Anniversary of the legendary 99.5 RT. This station was known for playing the music way ahead of other stations. Instead of telling you the history of the station, since I was born in the 90s, I’ll talk about my listening experience with RT. I can’t recall everything, but I’ll do my best to recall them.


It all started last summer of 2006, when I heard a retro track on that station, in which I later realized it was airing its popular 24K Friday. From then on, I’d tune in to that station to dig for more, since it has a huge library of retro music, including the rare tracks. During regular programming, RT would air its current stingers.

I can remember listening to 24K in the School Bus on my way home. And every Saturday, I’d wake up at around 5 to catch up 24K’s last hour. One time, I heard the extended version of Naked Eyes’ “Always Something There to Remind Me” and they cut it at around 1 1/4 minutes since it was almost 6am.

Although I was more of a listener of DM back then, I occasionally tune in to RT for new music. Aside from 24K, I occasionally listened to Dinner & Drive Show, David’s House, RT40 & Sunday Sessions, among others. Some of the songs I first heard on RT were Panic! At The Disco’s “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” & Cassie’s “Me & You”.


Around mid-December that year, I wasn’t aware that RT would rebrand as something else until I heard one of their stingers saying “You pick the Hit”. Came the 1st day of 2007, it was officially Hit FM. Since DM disappeared from the airwaves, I regularly began listening to Hit. I’ll discuss that on another article, since this is all about RT.

Fast forward to Mid-August 2008, when Campus was abruptly cancelled. I wasn’t aware about it at that time. Every top-of-the-hour, there was a stinger saying The power: 25,000 watts. The frequency: Digital 99.5. The call letters: DWRT-FM. This made me thought that this would mark the return of RT. During the last weekend of August, it played only 80s & 90s music.


September 1, I was tuned in to 99.5 while preparing for school. Joshua was the first DJ on board, and he gave us listeners a big surprise. And I was right. The Rhythm was back. It was the return of the legendary RT, using its  classic slogan The Rhythm Of The City. I heard 2 versions of “I kissed a Girl”, first from Katy Perry & the other one from Cobra Starship. Other programs at that time were Disturbing the Peace, Home Run (Hit FM used to air this program) & BrewRats.

Although I wasn’t able to listen to other programs since I had classes, there were other jocks who were retained from Campus & Hit, like Neil Almighty, Sam Oh, Gibb, Slyde, Lellie, Migz w/ a Z, Robi The Rascal, Koji Morales (Joe Spinner of Campus), Ron Valentine & David Ardiente.

Saturday morning, I was tuned in to RT a bit early for what would be the 24K Weekend. The RT classic jingle was the 1st song played. It feels good listening to a whole bunch of 70s, 80s & 90s for the entire weekend instead of only 1 day, isn’t it? And it featured a few sub-programs, which cover a specific genre; New Wave Xtra w/ Ron Valentine & 24K In The Mix on Saturday nights, Wake Up Call, Reel Hits & Soft Sundaes on Sundays. It used not just the classic stingers from the Rhythm era, but also the ones from the Maximum era. And every hour, instead of using its classic top-of-the-hour stinger, it used its info stinger with the Maximum Music stinger as its background music. Every weekend, I was tuned in to that program, even on my way to school or going home. To be honest, 24K was the program I look forward to than any other program on RT.

The return of the Home Run was short-lived, I had no idea why. One evening of October, the show was replaced with 2 of the legendary DJs on board, King DJ Logan & Tina Ryan.

Fast forward to Summer 2009, when it introduced one of its old slogans  Red Hot, which was used every summer. It also introduced its new slogan The Best Music On The Planet. Lellie disappeared from the airwaves for unknown reasons. Joshua was moved to Weekend mornings, as The BrewRats took over his place. It reminds me of coffee in the morning: Brew. And Sam & Gibb were moved from mid-mornings to primetime. Around the middle of the year, RT revived its countdown as RT30 (since 40 is too much for them), one of the longest-running countdowns on PH radio who’s hosted by the daughter of the Junior, Inka. And Freshtrack Spotlight was introduced as well, to introduce new music. Prior to RT30, RT used to air the syndicated countdown The World Chart Show.

There were some changes come late September. Joshua & The BrewRats moved to U92. However, 2 DJs returned to fill their void. One Monday morning, I was looking forward to a new program, which Slyde was talking about the night before. It was the return of King DJ Logan. It began as a show with no name, wherein he & his co-host Marf talked about random stuff. In the middle of his show, he came up with the tile of his show: The Disenchanted Kingdom.

1st Saturday of October came the return of veteran DJ Jeremiah Junior. He hasn’t lost his touch after 7 years. Unlike the current DJs who hosted 24K, he’d dig in some tracks from the 70s, aside from the usual 80s & 90s. In every top-of-the-hour, instead of playing the 24K stinger, he’d follow the traditional way: It’s now <insert time>. 99.5 RT is DWRT-FM. We’re the Rhythm of the City, playing the hits first on weekdays. And on weekends, we open our massive library of classic hits called the 24K. That’s how I recalled him saying that.

Since early 2010, Saturday afternoons were left vacant. I can recall KDL filling in around twice. And around 2 years later, Ron Valentine, Scarlett, Dirty J, Neil Almighty & Marf, as far as I can recall. They had the opportunity to share their own brand of 24K, which is quite good. Around mid-2010, Dirty J, K-Pop Lollipop & Moby Nick came in for Gravysauce.

Around October, RT introduced its new slogan The Drive, as it played a lot of rock music & occasionally 90s music. That slogan was the name of a former all-rock sub-program of 24K, a replacement of SS. At that time, there were rumors that NU107 would close shop the next month. So, this might be a sign. Sam & Gibb switched time slots with KDL’s Disenchanted Kingdom. Their timeslots were pretty odd. And since then, Sunday night was left vacated.

In early May 2011, one Sunday morning, I was surprised that there was no 24K on that day. The Junior later explained during his program that 24K was reduced to only Saturdays since a lot of stations are playing classic hits on Sundays. This gave him the chance to play the hottest hits once again. Since then, 24K would start on Saturday midnight & end on Sunday early morning. New Wave Xtra was reduced to 3 hours, making 24K In The Mix start early. That’s 25 hours of 24K. I was pretty disappointed about the management’s decision. It’d have been better if they’d start it on Saturday, 6am to Sunday, 6am, just like before. Nonetheless, I’d rather call it 24K Saturday than Weekend.

Come June, The Drive image slowly began disappearing, as the timeslots were fixed once again, a new set of stingers were aired  and its playlist made a little transition. The next month, RT brought back its previous slogan, as it was the same RT again. Its recent playlist was a mix of alternative pop & Top 40, making its playlist much wider than Magic’s playlist. When Gravysauce was no more, Dirty J went solo every weeknight. And later on, David’s House was replaced with a hard rock-oriented program, Freeway Friday, which was initially hosted by KDL.

Around October, one Saturday afternoon, I heard a new voice. At that time, he occasionally talked on air and he rarely mentioned his name, Claude 9 (who’d later on go by the name Jack Master 8). Since late March 2012, I’d hear him every other midnight and he’d be the 1st DJ to go on air for 24K, and later on, he’d board during Weekend afternoons.

I can recall the Junior sitting in for RT30 twice, and it was the 1st time hosting a countdown since RT40. Dirty J sat in for that program as well, and his song “Music” charted on RT30. Inka once sat in for the Junior during 24K. While playing the staple Weekends, The Junior plays 24K, she made a few attempts to mute the name in order for her to mention her name.

Summer 2012, Lil Joey of Magic joined Sam & Gibb. Later on, Dirty J switched places with Lil Joey, joining Sam & Gibb.


I made my 1st radio request via YM around twice. Since late 2011, I made requests via phone every other Saturday. And I had a list of songs written on notepad. Whenever I asked for a particular song, Jeremiah Junior would find it right away. When he doesn’t have that song on the playlist, I asterisked the song in my list and asked for another song. When he has that song, then he puts it right away in the list of songs to be played. Sometimes, while making requests, the Junior would talk about some stuff. I even asked him if the people behind the Vintage Sound of RT page the former DJs of RT, and he told me that they’re the avid listeners of RT.

However, my experience with requesting songs via phone is not always good. One Saturday noon, I requested for 2 songs on Scarlett’s program and she promised me to look for it. And after several minutes of waiting, she never played my songs. This also happened during Ron Valentine twice, during New Wave Xtra & when he subbed one Saturday morning. They owe me a total of 6 songs, and I was so disappointed about this.

Even before going to school or going home, I’d even make a request using payphones in either school or an MRT station. I could remember one time when I was about to call when a live report from Neil Almighty just came in. I didn’t hear that coming.

September 1, 2012 was the 4th anniversary of the new RT. I asked the Junior if that day was RT’s anniversary. He told me that the anniversary of the original RT was on September 6, and every year, the DJs would celebrate it on a yacht.

One afternoon, after making a request, I asked Jack Master 8 if he he hosted a show every midnight (since I used to hear him almost every midnight). It turned out that he was a student jock of The Farm & he was recruited by Koji. He’s indeed one lucky farmer.


Late October 2012, it was announced that it’d be RT’s last week and it’d rebrand to something else. I was shocked about it, but it’s a good thing it won’t revamp as a Hot AC station. That Friday, it was the last episode of RT30. Later on, Ron Valentine announced that the rebrand wouldn’t push through. I was relieved. I hoped that it wouldn’t push through at all, but I was wrong after a few weeks.

By the following week, a lot of RT jocks, notably KDL, resigned and were replaced with some of the Junior Jocks of Magic, notably Justin, Tino, Jaz & Guile. The Lil Joey – Jaz tandem was a bit awkward, but worked well somehow. This began a slow transition into what would become Play FM. I knew it, this is a sign.

The final 24K Weekend. I called Ron Valentine and asked what recently happened. He told me that the Junior took a break from radio since the previous Saturday, and that was why I haven’t heard from him since then. He even told me that he won’t be part of the station & doubted that the new brand’s retro program would fall on a Saturday. That afternoon, I called Lil Joey and, after requesting for a song, I asked him some info about the new brand. He told me that he’d be part of it, but he wasn’t sure if the other RT jocks would be part of it since it was much of a surprise. The final episode of New Wave Xtra lasted for 4 hours for Ron to make it a memorable episode.

December 9 was the last day of RT. Koji was on board that evening. Too bad I didn’t get to know how RT ended. I slept in the middle of his show, in which I regretted doing. Hadn’t I slept, then I would’ve recorded it. Anyway, RT’s gone, but at least I had the chance to experience the Rhythm.

Election 2016

May 8, 2016

Election 2016 (Rappler)

Election is just around the corner. However, before & during every campaign, there are a lot of issues involving electoral fraud, notably the top 3 methods for people to vote for the wrong candidates.

  • Vote misreading is a way of manipulating the results, notably exchanging results of, for example, 2 mayoral candidates.
  • Vote buying is a way of buying someone’s vote for a candidate to win and is paid through money.
  • Misinformation is a way of giving rumors to people about a candidate, urging them to vote for the other candidate, and is done through text and PM.

Political dynasties are still one of the issues here in the Philippines, wherein political families control a particular city and/or province. They may not die, but they may probably multiply in the next terms. Examples are Ynareses of Rizal, Binays of Makati, and Ejecrcitos of San Juan & Laguna. As stated in Article II, Section 26 of the 1987 Philippine Constitution, “The State shall guarantee equal access to opportunities for public service, and prohibit political dynasties as may be defined by law.” Nonetheless, this rule was never followed in some provinces & towns because of Oligarchy, causing corruption in this government.

A lot of candidates were too excited to campaign. They’d start campaigning as early as the June last year, with posters containing their faces hanging along the streets.


ER Ejercito kicked out as Laguna Governor

ER Ejercito was disqualified as Governor of Laguna over campaign overspending. Instead of spending the usual P4.5 million for his campaign, he spent P6 million. ER vowed to his supporters that he’ll return this election. And he did.

Jun Binay kicked out as Makati Mayor

Jun Binay was suspended by the Ombudsman as Mayor of Makati over the overpriced construction of the Makati Science High School Building & Makati City Hall Building II & 7 administrative cases, for grave misconduct & dishonesty. In addition to that, Binay was barred from running again. After all, it can’t be only Binay who can rule the city.

Kid Pena was recruited as acting mayor & is now running against Jun’s sister & Makati 2nd District Representative Abby Binay. Pena should put an end to the Binay dynasty, since he’s the only hope for the Makatenos.

Mar Roxas’ 1st campaign video

This campaign video received mostly negative response from netizens, who thought their taxes were spent for this ad. It is no surprise PNoy & Mar were heavily criticized & overcriticized since the Pork Barrel issue.

Anti-Duterte ad

This ad advices people not to vote for Presidential candidate Rody Duterte for lack of discipline. This was created by VP candidate Sonny Trillanes, who didn’t spend his money for his own ad. It’s kinda ironic, isn’t it? For the past few weeks, Trillanes fired shots at Duterte for the latter’s bank accounts & lots he owns all over the country.

Name confusion in Antipolo

Another “Puto” Leyva is running for mayor of Antipolo against incumbent mayor Jun Ynares & vice mayor Ronaldo Leyva. Mario Boyet Leyva, who’s probably an ally of Ynares, is the candidate behind the fake “Puto” & is running to confuse voters & prevent the real Puto from winning. Good thing Ronaldo Leyva’s party took note of this.


Anyway, it’s a tough competition between Roxas, Duterte (DU30), Poe, Binay & Santiago in winning the Presidency, and between Robredo, Cayetano, Escudero, Honasan, Marcos & Trillanes  in winning the Vice Presidency. Duterte supporters are the loudmounths, from anti-crime to trashtalking, relying on him to eliminate crime in less than half a month & insulting supporters of other candidates (notably the pro-Roxas). Meanwhile, Santiago supporters are the silent & smart ones, notably the students.

Don’t deal with vote buying and misinformation. If you want change, you need to change for the country as well. Don’t rely on your chosen candidate to make the change. It is you to decide on what’s best for the country. So, this election, VOTE WISELY.

Review: McCartney 1 & 2

March 24, 2016

McCartney & McCartney II are the 2 albums wherein former Beatle Paul McCartney sang, played a ton of instruments (separately) & produced them all by himself. Most of the tracks were homemade; produced in his farm in Campbeltown, Scotland. They were recorded during the time when the future of his former bands were in limbo, which eventually led to a break-up. Coincidence? I think not.




McCartney (Wikipedia)

After John Lennon privately announced that he’d be leaving The Beatles, McCartney returned to his farm depressed. His wife, Linda, encourage him to think about the future outside his band and he did. He worked on new & unfinished songs and, later on, recorded most of them on the farm & his St. John’s Wood home. Later on, he mixed & overdubbed them on Abbey Road studios. He used the back-to-basics style that should’ve been used for his band’s final album, Let It Be. By this time, he decided not to work on another album with the band anymore, due to creative differences.

The problem came when it was time to release the album, wherein it should be released on April 17. His other bandmates unsuccessfully persuaded him to delay his album’s release to June 4, in favor of Let It Be. However, McCartney insisted that it should be released on the planned date.

What I can say about the songs in this album is that they’re kinda brilliant, despite that the quality of the recordings were not that good. A lot of songs bring an acoustic sound. “Maybe I’m Amazed” sounds like it was done by the Beatles. My most favorite track on that album is “That Would Be Something”. It has very simple chords & is very catchy. McCartney hasn’t found his own music style until Ram. Despite the success, he shouldn’t have used this as the reason to break up the Beatles.



McCartney 2 (Wikipedia)

Wings’ album, Back To The Egg, failed to make a commercial impact with only 1 of its singles entering the US Top 20, despite entering the Top 10 in the UK & US. As a result, McCartney returned to his farm to work on new songs, this time experimenting with various synthesizers. Among the 20 tracks he recorded, around half of them became part of the album.

After finishing his next album, McCartney set them aside & returned to touring with Wings in the UK. He was arrested in Japan for bringing marijuana with him. Hence, his World Tour was cancelled. Upon his release from jail, while thinking about his future with Wings, he decided to release this album.

With this album, I considered him as another Kraftwerk in the making. Most of his songs heavily involve with synthesizers. “Temporary Secretary” sounds like music from outer space, it kinda reminds me of Industry’s earlier works. 2 of my most favorite tracks on that album are “Check My Machine” & “Coming Up”. About the former, I thought he was one of the pioneers of music sampling. The latter is a very catchy song, it brought John Lennon back to work.

These 2 self-albums shows a man’s natural genius in every track. And, as a Beatle fan, McCartney indeed is one of the most talented artists.

Remembering Pinas FM’s Retro Friday

March 22, 2016

Before Pinas FM 95.5 revamped as an all-OPM station, 2 years ago, Pinas FM aired a Hot AC format, implementing clean fun on air. I’ll talk about Retro Friday & how the DJs handle their own portion of this program. Retro Friday was Pinas FM’s special program which plays songs from the 70s, 80s & 90s every Friday. Based on my observations, 40% of its retro playlist can’t be heard on any other Hot AC stations like Love Radio & Star FM, making its playlist quite unique. In addition to that, each DJ had his/her own intro & extro music, but most of them play MARRS’ “Pump Up The Volume” as their background music.

Coach Gico would play Hawaii 5-0 as his background music, unlike any other DJs. He was very hyper when he talked on air. He often plays too mainstream tracks. I requested around 3 not-so-mainstream tracks, but he didn’t play them because of crab mentality. It seemed that he drank too much coffee. He wasn’t the same as the way he used to host FRC.

Rick Stryker would start his show with a remixed version of Swing Out Sister’s “Waiting Game”. His playlist is just good, a balanced mix of mainstream & not-so-mainstream tracks. He has room for Hip Hop, and he’d occasionally play such tracks such as Will Smith’s “Miami”, Marky Mark’s “Good Vibrations”, Ini Kamoze’s “Here Comes The Hotstepper”, Paperboy’s “Ditty, K7’s “Come Baby Come”, Wreckx-N-Effect’s “Rump Shaker”, Naughty By Nature’s “Hip Hop Hooray” & Mellow Man Ace’s “Mentirosa”, among others. He’d end his program with Fra Lippo Lippi’s “Stitches & Burns”.

Raymond Stone would start his show with The Cure’s “Friday I’m In Love”. Towards the end of a particular song, he’d begin with “Thank you, <Artist>. Song called <Song name>, right here sa Pinas FM…”. It sounded as if that singer/band performed that song in front of him &  the guests inside the studio. Initially he had a very good playlist, but in the later years, he played more too mainstream retro tracks. He’d occasionally dish out some great tracks such as Mike + The Mechanic’s “Taken In”, Hall & Oates’ “You Make My Dreams Come True”, Simple Mind’s “Alive & Kicking”, Strawberry Switchblade’s “Who Knows What Love Is”, James Ingram & Michael McDonald’s “Yamoh Be There” & Michael McDonald’s “Sweet Freedom” among others. I made phone requests twice & he played them.

Peachy would start her show with Johnny Hates Jazz’s “Turn Back The Clock”. Her playlist is toned down, she’d play more mellow tracks & love songs. Nonetheless, she’d occasionally play upbeat tracks, notably disco.

Moody Jam would start her show with Little River Band’s “Reminiscing”. Towards the end of a particular song, she’d make puns of the title (sometimes the lyrics) of that song. She has a very good playlist, which is a bit better than Raymond Stone’s. She also plays a lot of great tracks, such as Andrew Gold’s “Thank You For Being A Friend”, Billy Joel’s “The Longest Time”, Queen’s “The Game”, “Second Wind”, Eric Clapton’s “I’ve Got A Rock N Roll Heart” & the mentioned tracks played by the latter.

Retro Friday was one of the programs I looked forward to every Friday. The songs played there reminded me of DM Saturday, sort of. Each of the DJs have their own taste of music.

H-Town About Wave’s Crisis

January 8, 2016

If you thought low ratings are the reason why Wave reformatted a few times, think again. H-Town sent a statement on From The Tube about Wave 89.1‘s crisis.

I found this article while researching. I’m very amazed at how you guys have followed Wave. Unfortunately, a lot of the speculations with Wave and stories that you guys have heard are pretty. The reason Wave reformatted before was because of politics and crab mentality. Wave never had a problem with keeping up with the market. Our ratings were very high when I was OIC of Wave. The Tsunamix was our main brand and gave property of live mixing and the streets and clubs. Someone told me meron lang nagselos and siniraan ako. I appreciated that. It put everything into perspective.

Anyways, I was asked to come back, but I believe Sarge will do great with Wave, and I will be supporting that because I’m looking at the greater and bigger picture. Please stay tuned and see what will happen. While I’m working on opening my own international stations, I am working with Sarge helping him take Wave to great heights. Something Great is happening. Thank you for your continued support and I would love to meet you guys sometime.

Welcome 2016!

January 1, 2016

We have just entered another leap year for this decade, 2016.

Since May last year, I had been inactive in this blog due to college commitments. This made 2015 a very busy year for me, especially during the 3rd Quarter. There were several (not consecutive) nights, wherein I never slept in favor of college stuff, notably a project. And I only got to have a very good sleep during term break.

New Year’s Resolution is not a thing for me anymore. Why promise something for this year when you’ll never stick to them in the long run? I’d rather go for a New Year’s Wish, since I have a lot of things in which I want them to happen, like passing all the subjects.

Anyway, the stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Click here to see the complete report.

2015 has been OK for me, but not as good as 2014. Let’s wish for a good start this 2016 & hope that everything will be OK in the long run. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

PRR 2015: Philippine Radio in Review

December 30, 2015

2015 is about to end in a few days. But before we bid goodbye to this year, here is a look back at what happened in the world of Philippine Radio. This article will analyze on the Top 10 newcomers, comebacks, reformats & restructures in Metro Manila (and a few in other key cities).


This list ranges from newcomers to restructures to ventures.

1. 8TriMedia’s Big Move


8TriMedia Broadcasting

Late last year, 8TriMedia, a media company of Jojo Soliman, began as a blocktimer on DZJV 1458, airing its programs during nighttime (6pm onwards).

Last April, 8TM bought time from DWBL 1242 to air its programs. From 4 programs, they expanded to 7 on this 20-Kw station. The roster is consisted of veteran newscaster Miguel Gil, singers Lloyd Umali & Ima Castro, showbiz columnists Shalala & Rodel Fernando, and former Manila mayor Fred Lim, among others. Percy Lapid (who used to be with DWIZ) used to host a program on DWBL Katapat. However, he later joined the 8TM roster.

Recently, in October, 8TM made a bigger step by buying time from DZRJ 810, the so-called “Voice of the Philippines”. From 7 programs, they expanded to 10 on this 50-Kw station. Their programs can be heard from 9am – 7pm straight. Tolits Laureño (of Brgy. LS) and DJ Toni (of Home) joined the 8TM roster.

Time by time, 8TriMedia slowly grows bigger, it’d probably set up its own station one of these days.

2. Retro Invades Cebu


103.5 Retro Cebu

Last January, after almost 12 years on the air, 103.5 Wild FM left the airwaves without any formal announcement, leaving its listeners nonplussed & disappointed. However, it went back on air a month later, but this time playing Classic Hits. Hence, on March 16, 103.5 Retro Cebu was born. This was the 2nd retro station set up by UMBN (the 1st one was Davao’s 95.5 Hit Radio, owned by ACWS-UBN).

After a few months, Cebu’s 1st & only retro station proved to be a huge success. As a result, UMBN will rebrand Hit Radio as Retro Davao next year.

3. Mom’s Radio


Mom’s Radio

After 5 years of absence, on October, Mom’s Radio has returned to the airwaves. Estima Content, the program provider for Mom’s Radio, renegotiated with SBN.

However, it can be only heard on 3 key cities: Cebu, Bacolod & Davao. Prior to the return, those stations had a mere 8 hours of airtime, playing only a variety of music. Now, they have a longer airtime, with a ton of interesting programs.

4. The Ultimate Revamp


UFM 105.5

Last March, Central Luzon’s most powerful FM station got revamped. D’Ultimate rebranded as 105.5 UFM with a CHR format & a new slogan “You’re On The Right Side”. All the DJs are now using English, except for its News/Talk-oriented programs.

5. Retro Revamp


Retro 105.9

Last October 12, Hillbilly Willy (who was recently fired from Wish for unknown reasons) was appointed as Station Manager of Retro 105.9. His “mission” is to improve the station’s programming, as it was a mess since Sgt. Pepper left.

Trouble came when Willy was sent a restraining order from UNTV, refusing him to use the Morning Flight. However, this doesn’t stop him from using that name. [see below]

A few days later, Jimmy Jam was fired [see below] and later replaced by Bruce Romano (of RX, Kool & Energy). The latter enjoyed some fame on Energy as Prinsipe Mola & its 1st & only Mola-serye, Digmaan Lusob Mola. Later on, Bobby Ante (who used to be with HBW in WKC) joined the Retro roster. In Addition to those, every Saturday night is reserved for a guest DJ, .

Retro Discoteria & Retro In Love were replaced with Club Retro & Retro Romance & new hosts DJ Papi & Maxine (of Radio Romance) respectively.

6. Wish Well


Wish 107.5

Goodbye, Hillbilly Willy. Hello, T-Bone. Last October 12, T-Bone (who, I guess, resigned from DWIZ) took the place of Hillbilly Willy, who was fired before. As a result, Morning Flight, in which Willy requested to use while he was with the station, was reverted to Morning Wish. Wish also unveiled its new slogan “All Hits 24/7”, along with a new set of stingers.

JJ Sparx is back again from his 1-year hiatus & goes on board every Sunday morning. He was also appointed as director of  UNTV’s International News Divison.

A month later, Jimmy Jam joined the station as Program Director & T-Bone’s substitute every Saturday. Its playlist improved; it now plays a majority of 70s, 80s & 90s. As a result, Saturday Hitback was phased out.

7. Home Radio’s Natural Changes


97.9 Home Radio

After Holy Week, 97.9 Home Radio revamped once again as an English-speaking station with a CHR Local format, a mix of CHR/Top 40 & OPM. And it even dumped its Tagalog ID in favor of its new slogan “Be You”. In short, it completely exited the Hot AC market.

Miguel “Migz With A Z” Anzures (of RT/Hit) was appointed as station manager. Most of the jocks were replaced with new ones, including Anne (of Wave; who left after around 2 months). Nonetheless, Braggy & Castri were retained. In addition to that, The Vault was replaced with Guilty Pleasures, playing only 2000s music.

Recently, the “Natural” slogan was finally dumped in favor of its new slogan “The Music of Now” & “The Home of The Millennials”.

8. Sgt. Pepper invades Wave


Wave 89.1’s new logo.

Last March, Sgt. Pepper (who left Retro a month before) was appointed as Station Manager of Wave 89.1. New & recurring programs were introduced, such as Quarter Attack, Street Mix & Bass Hour. The Flow was revamped as a program to promote Pinoy Hip Hop. BITD: Back In The Day was replaced with SOS: Saturday Old School, focusing only on Classic Hip Hop & R&B. Hence, the new slogan “Change The Game”.

Among the people who joined the Wave roster are former Max FM  DJs Peter Clay (who left last October) and Zip Cody, R&B singer Jay-R & Fil-Am Hip Hop group Q-York.


Sgt. Pepper on Margaux’s remark about Macca.

A month prior to this, Pepper slammed Margaux (who joined Play the next month) for not being familiar with Paul McCartney (who has been popular for the last 6 decades) and thanking Rhianna & Kanye West for bringing him to fame. H-Town later defended Margaux that she was just “joking”. This is probably one of the reasons why Pepper moved to Wave.

9. iFM: Your New Bestfriend

ifm new

93.9 iFM’s new logo.

Last November, 93.9 iFM revealed its new logo & slogan Ang Bestfriend Mo. It’s been around 4 years since they changed its slogan several times, from Ambot sa Kambing na may Bangs to Ang Radyo Ko, iFM, Hiyang na Eh? to #RamdamKita. Last June saw the return of Nikka Dyosa (formerly Celine Labuyo of Energy).

Their identity changed from Barkadooter to Kakambing to Bestfriend. Let’s hope that their new identity would last as long as their former Puwede era.

10. EZ Shop Radio


EZ Shop on Radyo Agila & Pinas FM.

Recently, at the height of the INC leadership controversy, EZ Shop ventured into radio through EBC‘s radio stations. This block can be heard everyday on Radyo Agila & Pinas FM. This is another first in Philippine radio history.

Other Changes

There are other events, which aren’t mentioned in my Top 10. So, I’ll summarize them.

  1. DZME 1530 is Radyo Uno no more. DZME phased out its long time slogan in favor of “Ang Pagbabagong Hanap Mo Sa AM”, continuing the FM on AM trend. (After Holy Week)
  2. Brgy. LS 97.1 ranked #1 on Nielsen’s most listened FM station in Manila, beating the long-time topnotcher Love Radio. After 8 years, Mike Enriquez’s wish came true. (December)
  3. Brigada News FM continues to expand with Pampanga (92.7) & Davao (91.5). 92.7 was initially as a repeater for Manila/Batangas station, but later on began airing a few originating programs, such as Brigada Lovelines, hosted by John Ericson (of D’Ultimate). (April-August)
  4. 95.1 Kiss FM was sold to DCG Radio-TV Network (owner of Retro) & moved from its long-time home in Broadcast Village to to its new home at the newly inaugurated 1022 DCG Tower 1. (July)
  5. Saved Radio on 106.7 Energy FM has expanded to an 18-hour program. As a result, K-Pop Sarap moved to Saturday Nights, while Digmaan Lusob Mola & The Best of 106.70s were scrapped for good. Recently, as a result of Dear Pangga (a Sunday early morning program, which is a mere revival of Energy Lovelines) being scrapped, it can be heard all-day Sunday. (June)

Sorry if I missed some other events. But, the list goes on.


Time to wrap things up. A blocktimer moves to a more powerful station with more programs. An “exchanging papers with seatmate” peg happened between Retro & Wish. A station, which entered the battle in the Hot AC market & lost in the long run, made a good move by entering the CHR market. A Hot AC station kept on changing its identity (looking for a better one) in order to survive the stiff competition. A particular station reformatted because of Politics & Crab Mentality.