The General’s Daughter to Take Off on Monday

January 18, 2019

This upcoming action-drama series from ABS CBN took around 9 months in production. And here it is, The General’s Daughter.

Angel Locsin stars as the title role, along with Ryza Cenon (who’s recently seen in primetime hit series FPJ’a Ang Probinsyano), Albert Martinez (who will still be seen in afternoon series Kadenang Ginto) & Tirso Cruz III. This marks Angel’s return to primetime after 4 years (with her most recent lead role in The Legal Wife), & Ryza’s 1st regular show on ABS CBN.

TGD involves the rivalry between Gen. Santiago Guerrero (Tirso) & Brigadier Gen. Marcial de Leon (Albert). Tiago kidnaps Marcial’s daughter, Rhian Bonifacio (Angel), and raises her as his own daughter who will later on kill her own father as part of Tiago’s scheme. As Rhian grows up, she’ll get to meet Marcial & her real sister Jessie de Leon (Ryza), among others.

Joining the powerhouse cast of TGD are Janice de Belen, Eula Valdez, Maricel Soriano, Paulo Avelino, JC de Vera, Arjo Atayde, Loisa Andalio, and Ronnie Alonte. The series is directed by Manny Palo & Mervyn Brondial.

Starting this Monday, it’ll be an interesting ride for viewers as they will experience back-to-back action on Primetime, from FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano to The General’s Daughter. With this, ABS CBN has made another game changer on Primetime TV.


PRR 2018 Part 2: Philippine Radio in Review

December 31, 2018

2018 has come to a close. But before we bid goodbye to this year, here is a look back at what happened in the world of Philippine Radio. Previously, we traveled back to 2008. For this part, we will discuss the Top 10 radio-related events in Metro Manila (and other key cities).

1. Retro goes Hot AC


Like FM. Courtesy of Bright Star.

Last May 26, Like FM 105.9 went on air with a Hot AC or Adult Top 40 format. The day before, Retro 105.9 was axed as Jimmy Jam & JJ Sparx, with the help of Korean investors, took over the sublease of the station.

Last July 28, Like FM had its official launch, debuting as a Hot AC & Talk station. It was manned by DJs mostly from Mellow 94.7’s School of Jocks. Over the next few weeks, new DJs & programs made their debut, including JJ Sparx, Pinky & Jimmy Jam.

2. More Enegyzed on Sundays


Energy FM. Courtesy of UBSI.

By the 1st Sunday of the year, 106.7 Energy FM reoccupied the entire Sunday. It is now called Energy on Sundays. Prior to this, after 7 years of airing on the said station and 2 years of occupying the entire Sunday, Saved Radio left the airwaves after New Year’s eve, becoming an online radio station.

3. FM1 Expands


FM1. Courtesy of PBS.

Last August 1, FM1 launched its first regional station in Davao via 87.5 FM. It is manned by Joe Fisher & Joey (of 105.9 Mix FM & Oomph! 105.1).

Prior to its launch, its frequency was temporarily used by Radyo Pilipinas Davao from February to August, while conducting maintenance and transferring studios to the Mindanao Media Hub.

4. Radyo Katipunan


Radyo Katipunan. Courtesy of ADMU.

Last February 14, ADMU launched its own campus station Radyo Katipunan 87.9. This serves the community of Ateneo and its nearby places. It had its official launch on August 28.

Prior to its rebrand, it first went on air last August 2017 as Ateneo Campus Radio. At that time, it was on test broadcast.

5. Biñan On The Radio


Radyo Biñan. Courtesy of Biñan LGU.

Last October 15, the City of Biñan lauhcned its own community station 87.9 Radyo Biñan.

6. Kees Pacman


Pacman Radio. Courtesy of JMP Mass Media Production.

Last July, Kees FM was rebranded as 91.1 Pacman Radio. It updated its programming and launched its own website. It had its official launch on October 26.

7. KAPA Ventures Into Radio


Jack Radio. Courtesy of KAPA Media.

KAPA’s plan on venturing into radio came at the height of Bombo Radyo Koronadal’s false tirades against the KAPA Community & the arrest of 2 reporters from Bombo Radyo GenSan in a raid done by the NBI.


Muews Radio. Courtesy of KAPA Media.

Last October 28, KAPA launched its 1st station in Koronadal with 90.5 Jack Radio. This is the city’s first station to operate with 10 Kw of power. Prior to its launch, it had its test broadcast for 1 month. Last November 26, it launched another station in General Santos with 104.7 Muews Radio. Both stations air a mix of news & music.

8. GenSan’s Infinite Return

After around 5 years off the air, 96.7 Infinite FM returned to the airwaves, this time as a news & music station.

Prior to its closure, it had an Adult Hits format, with no DJs on board.

9. New In GenSan

Aside from Muews Radio & Infinite Radio, radio industry in the Tuna capital expanded with 93.1 Tri-Media News FM, 90.5 Labangal Community Radio & 88.9 Prime FM.

10. Now Radio


DWAD. Courtesy of Crusaders.

Recently, DWAD 1098 adpoted a new brand called Now Radio. It also updated its station IDs and sign on/off notice, as well as a renovated booth.

Outside the Top 10 is the launching of another Wish Bus, this time in the USA.

Sorry if I missed some other events. But, the list goes on.


PRR 2018 Part 1: 2008

December 24, 2018

2018 is about to end in a week. But before we bid goodbye to this year, here is a look back at what happened in the world of Philippine Radio. Just like last year, this is divided into 2 parts. For this part, we’ll travel back to 10 years ago, that is 2008. We’ll discuss the 8 stations which either made its debut or met its demise.

1. Barangay Revamped

January 16: 97.1 Barangay LS revamped its programming, this time using a new slogan “Ayos!”. At the same day, Mike Enriquez fired the DJs who used to be with the station since Campus Radio era & hired new DJs from various provincial mass-oriented stations, who call themselves Papa or Mama. It’d take a couple of months for some of the fired DJs to resurrect in another frequency.

2. XFM Goes Joey

March 10: 92.3 XFM dropped its original format in favor of Smooth AC, a format Joey used. It was the only station in the metro which played chillout, electronica & house music. It’s kinda disappointing the original format didn’t sell.

Parts 3 to 5 explains the 99.5 saga.

3. Hit Right Out

March 19: 99.5 Hit FM signed off on a Holy Wednesday. One of the hosts of The BrewRats said that the remaining Hit Squad would still be part of the new 99.5 come Easter Sunday.

Prior to Hit’s demise, rumors about it rose at the beginning of March 2008 when Tracy left the station. Along came the news that the veteran DJs of LS would revive Campus on a new frequency, in which there were rumors that they’d take over 99.5 soon. After Hit FM signed off, I completely realized that the LS DJs would be invading 99.5 on Easter Sunday.

4. The Return (and Demise) of Campus

March 23: Campus Radio returned to the airwaves as Campus 99.5. It was manned by some of the DJs from the original Campus, including the ones retained from Hit. Soon, aside from the Campus Classic Weekend, it relaunched its familiar programs, notably Top 20 @ 12, Front.Center & Campus Aircheck. It even relaunched its segments during the Campus Redux, which happened at the end of summer.

August 14: After 5 months on the air, Campus was abruptly axed on that afternoon. It switched to automated programming, with The BrewRats . It was heard that the reason behind the demise was because of sales & management difficulties. The only program retained in the station was the BrewRats.

5. The Return of the Legend

September 1: 99.5 RT returned to the airwaves once again. The station used its very familiar slogan “The Rhythm Of The City”.

Prior to its return, there were rumors about it upon the demise of Campus. What made it true was its top-of-the-hour-ID saying, The power: 25,000 watts, the frequency: digital 99.5, the call letters: DWRT-FM.

6. MBC Goes Upscale

October 6: MBC bought 96.3 WRock, becoming the 3rd MBC station in the Metro. This is the 1st time for MBC to venture into the upscale market. Despite this, WRock’s provincial stations weren’t part of the deal. Not long after, the original WRock returned on air, this time on the internet.

7. The Return of DZLB

October: After 3 years off the air, Radyo DZLB 1116 returned to the airwaves, broadcasting from 6am to 10am every weekday. Later on, it expanded its broadcast hours to 2 hours.

8. From Nine Ninety to Nueve Noventa

December: After 2 years off the air, DWRT 990 AM returned to the airwaves as Nueve Noventa. It played music from the 60s to 80s, albeit broadcasting from 8am to 5pm everyday. Its only stinger was “Ito ang Trans-Radio Broadcasting Corporation Nueve Noventa.

Stay tuned for Part 2, wherein we’ll review this year’s Top 10 events on PH radio.


FM2’s New Programs

December 7, 2018

In the middle of last year, FM2 introduced Friday 24K, which plays music from the 80s. We all know that it’s named after RT’s popular show dedicated to retro music.

During the beginning of this year, it introduced more programs, starting with Dance Republic, which airs dance mixes of the 80s & 90s; and Rhythm N Booze, which airs soul, R&B, funk & jazz. A couple of months ago, it spiced up Sundays with Sunday Suave, which airs easy listening music; and Nicest of the 90s, which plays music from the 90s. It’s named after the slogan of Magic’s defunct all-90s program Saturday Slam. Recently, it filled the last 3 hours of the weekday with Decompression Session, which is similar to Sunday Suave, albeit without DJs.

I’m satisfied with most of its programs. However, there are a couple of shows which need improvements since they’re partially out of the flow:

  • Friday 24K – It’s supposed to be an all-80s program, but it also plays around 3 songs from the 70s and a song from the 90s per hour. I hope they’ll axe the non-80s music and focus on music only from 1980 to 1989.
  • Rhythm N Booze – It also plays music not part of its genres, usually soft rock & easy listening music usually heard on Decompression Session & Suave Sunday. I hope they’ll stick with the soul genre.
  • In addition, they should tweak the tagline “The Best of the 80s & 90s”, since they’re now playing 70s music as many as 80s & 90s.

As a usual listener of FM2, I hope they’ll improve the said shows.

Remembering Habang Kapiling Ka

October 3, 2018

Source: Pinoy Exchange

Last June, I watched Habang Kapiling Ka on Fox Filipino until the end of its run by the end of July. Top billed by Victor Neri & Angelika Dela Cruz, this teleserye was directed by the late Maryo J. delos Reyes, who also directed Nino & Pari Koy, among others. For the first few episodes, I just took a peak on it. When I found it interesting, I ended up watching it in the long run. And it was my first time to see:

  • A Teleserye of GMA from the early 2000s. I grew up watching ABSCBN.
  • Albert Martinez, Amy Perez, Chin Chin Gutierrez & Toni Gonzaga on a GMA Teleserye.
  • Amy Perez portray a kontrabida role. I first know her for hosting TV5’s Face To Face.
  • Tandem of Richard Gutierrez & Chynna Ortaleza. They were paired since Click days, way before Richard was paired with Angel Locsin.
  • 3 Gutierrez siblings/half-siblings in 1 teleserye.

As I watched along, I also observed a lot of interesting things:

  • Pierre Paolo as the third wheel of Donna & Basilio. In real life, Chynna & Railey used to be in a relationship.
  • Alejandro’s rivalry with Marius, especially when it comes to Olivia.
  • Helga’s flamboyant kontrabida moves.
  • Alejandro’s fondness of smoking. You’d see him smoke several times in that show.
  • Salve making her revelation in the Church.
  • Marius going against the relationship between Basilio & Donna just because of Alejandro.
  • Tootsie Guevarra’s rivalry with Toni Gonzaga. They’re friends in real life.
  • Half-brothers Tonton & Richard portraying as father & son.
  • The bumpers used in Season 2, wherein each character has its own bumper.


The show was divided into 2 seasons. Refer to Jimpy Anarcon’s blog regarding HKK. Since I began watching it in the middle of season 1, I’ll explain its selected highlights, based on my observation. The relationship of Julius & Erica was destroyed twice. First, Erica caught Julius allegedly having a baby with Magnolia. And second, upon the death of Julius’ stepson, he blamed Erica for bringing him bad luck when she entered his life again. After the accident involving Erica, Olivia & Marius, Erica was recovered, Olivia was brought to the asylum & Marius was picked up by Divine & came back as the new Kenji Ogata. Salve revealed that Emilie & Pierre Paolo are twins & Olivia is Erica’s real mother. Fausto also revealed that he’s the real father of the twins. These revelations made the latter shocked & hard to believe. While Erica was in coma, Nonoy stepped in the picture & became friends with Basilio. He’d soon fall in love with Erica. Divine made a plot to trap Helga & Olivia in an island, which was part of a certain resort. As a result, Helga was “killed” by Divine & Olivia was arrested for the alleged murder.

Here’s my summary of Season 2 or Ikalawang Yugto, based on my own understanding. It began when Olivia was in Jail for allegedly killing Helga. Erica lived a high life & kept on getting drained by Divine’s lies. Alejandro was released from jail & lived with Donna, who went from riches to rags. They took different paths to earn money, with the former going the easier way by selling drugs & the latter having a job. Basilio became rich & lived a high life after his stay in the US. Pierre Paolo owned a business. Marius made a plot to end his disguise as Kenji, go back to his old identity & reunite his family, which drove Divine berserk. Julius & Emilie were married & owned a business. Nonoy was engaged to Erica. Helga, unknown to them who thought she was dead, was still alive, thanks to an Indian who changed her life. As she slowly revealed herself to a lot of people, beginning with Erica, she’d do everything to correct the wrongdoings she had done in the past. And the story went on until Alejandro & Divine were killed after a failed attempt to sabotage Julius’ & Erica’s wedding. Pierre Paolo learned to accept that Basilio & Donna are meant to be for each other.


After a few episodes, I found out some similarities between this show and May Bukas Pa, a show I watched when I was in High School, in terms of their characters’ relationships.

Albert Martinez & Tonton Gutierrez:

  • HKK: Alejandro & Marius. Alejandro attempted to kidnap Olivia, but got killed by the police in the end.
  • MBP: Enrique & Mario. Before Enrique’s death, they became friends by the time he realized that Santino was his son.
  • Similarities: They are bitter rivals with the former wanting to get what the latter has.

Albert Martinez & Chin Chin Gutierrez:

  • HKK: Alejandro & Helga. Alejandro doesn’t love Helga as much as he loves Olivia.
  • MBP: Enrique & Teresa. Enrique wasn’t aware that Santino was his son with Teresa, who was killed by Malena. Until the time he requested a DNA test between him & Santino.
  • Similarities: They were never married, but had a child together.

Tonton Gutierrez & Jaime Fabregas:

  • HKK: Marius & Fausto
  • MBP: Mario & Fr. Anthony
  • Similarities: They are allies who help each other at times needed.


Angelika dela Cruz – After this show, this Esperanza actress moved back to ABSCBN, where she portrayed mostly kontrabida roles. She moved back to GMA after a few years later. She’s recently seen in Ika-6 Na Utos as part of its extended cast.

Victor Neri – After a few years later, he retired from showbiz to become a chef. A few years ago, he stepped out of retirement. He was recently seen in Pinulot Ka Lang Sa Lupa & Super Ma’am, wherein he portrayed as the tamawo king Agalon.

Albert Martinez – After a few years in GMA, he moved to ABSCBN, where he starred in several shows, such as Maria Flordeluna (where I saw him for the first time), May Bukas Pa & The Good Son. He’ll be seen in Kadenang Ginto, which will premiere next week, as of this writing.

Snooky Serna – She still stars in various shows both in ABSCBN & GMA, notably Capt. Barbell, Angelito: Batang Ama & My Faithful Husband. She’ll be seen in Pamilya Roces.

Tonton Gutierrez – This Pangako Sayo actor still stars in various shows in ABSCBN, TV5 & GMA, notably Etheria, May Bukas Pa (where I saw him for the first time), Aryana & That’s My Amboy. He’s currently seen in Ika-5 Utos.

Richard Gutierrez – This Click actor later on became one of GMA’s biggest stars, where he starred in Mulawin (where I saw him for the first time), Codename: Asero, Capt. Barbell & Love & Lies, until 2013, when he became a freelancer. After his stint with TV5, where he starred as Panday, he’s currently with ABSCBN.

Chynna Ortaleza – This Click actress still stars in various shows in GMA, in which she was paired with Richard until a couple of years later. She’s currently seen in Victor Magtanggol.

Toni Gonzaga – After a few years in GMA, this former Eat Bulaga co-host moved to ABSCBN, where she rose to fame with her acting & singing career. She’s currently seen in Home Sweet Home.

Railey Valeroso – After a few years later, this Click actor semi-retired from showbiz. Since a few years ago, he lives a private life. He was recently seen in Dahil May Isang Ikaw.

Chin Chin Gutierrez – After this show, she moved to ABSCBN. She retired from showbiz in 2010 to become a nun.

Ruffa Gutierrez – She still occasionally stars in various shows both in ABSCBN & GMA. She was also a TV5 talent, wherein she hosted Artista Academy.

Alma Moreno – She still occasionally stars in various shows both in ABSCBN & GMA, notably Eva Fonda, Angelito: Batang Ama & Pusong Ligaw.

Zoren Legaspi – He still stars in various shows in ABSCBN, TV5 & GMA, notably Mulawin, Agua Bendita & the 2015 remake of Marimar. He’s currently seen in Kapag Nahati Ang Puso.

Amy Perez – This Palibhasa Lalake actress moved back to ABSCBN after a couple of years. She was also with TV5 for a few years, where she was known for hosting Face To Face. She’s currently a co-host of It’s Showtime.

Yul Servo – He still occasionally stars in a number of teleseryes in GMA. He’s now a congressman of Manila’s 3rd district. Prior to that, he was councilor of the said district for the previous 2 terms. He was recently seen in Oh My Mama & Tadhana.

Jaime Fabregas – This Sic O’Clock News actor still stars in various shows both in ABSCBN & GMA, notably Kampanerang Kuba, May Bukas Pa (where I saw him for the first time), Iglot & Ang Dalawang Ms. Real. He’s curently seen in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.

Tootsie Guevara – She retired from showbiz after a couple of years. She now lives in the US, working as a market executive.

Patricia Ismael – She still stars in a number of teleseryes in GMA. She was recently seen in The One That Got Away.

Tetay – He still stars in various shows in GMA. He was recently seen in Contessa.

Long Mejia He still occasionally stars in various shows both in ABSCBN & GMA. He was also a TV5 talent.

Nonie Buencamino He still stars in various shows in ABSCBN, TV5 & GMA, notably Tanging Yaman (where I saw him for the first time), Machete & My Faithful Husband. He’s currently seen in Asintado, which is on its final week, as of this writing.

Lloyd Samartino He still stars in various shows in ABSCBN, TV5 & GMA, notably Love Spell, Capt. Barbell, Machete & My Faithful Husband. He was recently seen in The One That Got Away.

Sheree – This former Viva Hot Babe still stars in a number of teleseryes in GMA. She was recently seen in Kambal Karibal.


Habang Kapiling Ka is considered a classic teleserye from GMA during the pre-Mulawin era. It is as good as the teleseryes I watched on ABSCBN back in the early to mid-2000s. I think Fox Filipino should focus more on airing GMA’s shows from the 90s to mid 2000s, like Twin Hearts & Sana ay Ikaw ng Nga, instead of the recent ones which they currently air. Or GMA should set up a digital channel similar to Jeepney TV, albeit focusing on shows from 2000s & older.

Retro Gets A Like

August 8, 2018


On the afternoon of May 25, Retro 105.9 quietly went off the air. After 4 years on the air, the first station in the metro with a Classic Hits format was axed abruptly. This left FM2 as the only Classic Hits station in the metro. The next day, it went back on air, this time as Like FM 105.9, with an Adult Top 40 format, picking up competition with Mellow 947.


A year ago, Domingo C. Garcia stopped funding the station, leaving Tito Ojeda the only one running the station. As a result, management decided to cut back on costs by firing most of the DJs, retaining Karen & Joshua on the fold. The former management had debts to pay to the owner of the frequency, Bright Star.

Since Holy Week, news broke out that Retro would soon come to an end. By this time, we made guesses about its new format, whether it’d be Easy Listening-leaning Classic Hits or Classic Rock. An insider said that this format is “a path least traveled”. This month, premature news came in that Retro was near its end. It was hard to predict when as we waited week by week.

By the time Retro signed off, it was revealed that Jimmy Jam & JJ Sparx, both of them who used to be part of Retro during its first months as Music Director & Station Manager respectively, took over the station, with the help of Korean investors.


After 2 months of Test Broadcast, Like FM had its official launch last July 28. Ryan (of Mellow 94.7) first went on air at 6am with The Lighter Side. He first explained the profile of Like FM to us listeners, including the format, which is a mix of Adult Top 40 & Talk. 9am came Jovi with Tea Time.

3pm came Rev. Jack Cole. I have no idea who’s behind that voice, but it’s definitely NOT Jimmy Jam, not even DJ Kane. He plays 90s music in his program, which is unnamed for now.  H-Town (of Magic 89.9, 103 1/2 Max FM & Wave 89.1) took over the evening with The Hype Show, where he plays Hip Hop, similar to his former show The Flow.

The next day, Devon went on air at 6am, followed by Dee (of Mellow 94.7) by the mid-morning. And fashion blogger Adi Amor took over at noon with her own talk show Fashion Cents. What’s good with these jocks, including Ryan & Jovi, are that they came prepared with their first topic on their 1st day on air.

For now, the Weekday contains Jovi in the mid-morning, Ryan at noon & Dee & Devon pairing up for The D&D Show in the evening. The morning & the 4pm-8pm slots are still unoccupied, but I’m hoping Jimmy Jam & JJ Sparx can occupy each of them.


The format of Like FM was supposed to be all-80s to go head to head with FM2’s programming. It turned out to be a hybrid of Top 40 music mixed with a handful of old stuff in which we call Hot AC or Adult Top 40.

The first time I peaked into it, I had a hard time predicting the format. So, I made an observation on the station’s playlist for a certain hour and, based on my results, it focuses more on the 2010s, a moderate amount of 2000s, and at most 3 songs from the 80s/90s. I guess that’s good enough to be called Adult Top 40.

I didn’t expect Retro to end abruptly. It’d have been better for me if they retained the format with a bit of tweaking. It had such a vast playlist compared to FM2’s.

The format is good, it reminds me of RT’s playlist from The Drive era back to The Best Music era. However, there are a few flaws. The Like FM brand is used in various stations in Visayas. And its slogan Where Hot AC Lives is somewhat blunt. A lot of Hot AC stations use Today’s Best Variety, More Variety from the 90s to Today, Today’s Music without the Rap (or the likes) as their slogan. I suggest they could use one of those slogans.

Let’s just hope Like FM will give Mellow a run for their money and regain its success Retro had before.

Kambal Karibal Bows Out This Friday

August 2, 2018

As a long-time viewer of Kambal Karibal, here’s FTT’s thoughts regarding the show.

From the Tube

After 178 episodes, ‘Kambal Karibal’ will be history.

The GMA Telebabad series will officially come to a conclusion Friday night. And while it enjoyed a long and stellar run, its ratings performance was anything but impressive.

‘Kambal Karibal’ was led by Bianca Umali as Criselda, Pauline Mendoza as Crisanta (Criselda’s dead twin sister), and Miguel Tanfelix as Diego. Kyline Alcantara, as Cheska, played a key role as a villain who made Crisanta’s life a living hell and was eventually possessed by the spirits of both Crisanta and Criselda.

The series had a wider following than everyone thought. Many, in particular, praised the acting chops displayed by breakout stars Pauline Mendoza and Kyline Alcantara, and as ‘Kambal Karibal’ progressed, so did the praise for the two young talents.

Yet despite the fact that ‘Kambal Karibal’ was by far the strongest and most compelling GMA primetime series in recent memory, the series…

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