Kara Mia’s Journey to Begin on Monday

February 15, 2019

Kara Mia has been trending on the internet for the past couple of months. And this series will become Ang Probinsyano’s 12th challenger.

The upcoming primetime series stars Barbie Forteza & Mika dela Cruz as Kara & Mia respectively, along with Jak Roberto, Paul Salas, Mike Tan, Carmina Villaroel & John Estrada. This is the 2nd time the 2 main stars will work together since Meant To Be, the 2nd time Paul & Mika will be paired together since ABSCBN’s You’re My Home. This also marks the reunion of Palibhasa Lalake stars John & Carmina.

When the trailer for Kara Mia first popped out a few days before Christmas, the two-face character immediately went viral. Netizens popped out a ton of memes & video parodies, as well as questions about Kara and Mia’s bodily functions and daily activities. Even Barbie & Mika responded in a video, saying they were amazed at them.

Kara Mia tells the story of sisters Kara (Barbie) & Mia (Mika) who share the same body, with Kara’s face at the front and Mia’s face at the back, but different personalities. Their parents (Carmina & John) questioned the form of the twins. When they were young, Kara was advised by her parents to wear a cloth around her head to hide Mia’s face. As they grow up, they’ll encounter Iswal (Mike), a fairy who’s their real father. They’ll also discover a way on how to separate their faces with its own body every morning, while going back to their original form every night.

Joining the cast of Kara Mia are Glydel Mercado, Mike Tan, Gil Cuerva, Liezel Lopez, Althea Ablan, Karenina Haniel, Alicia Alonzo, April Gustilo & Gina Pareño. The series is directed by Dominic Zapata.

Barbie already found success with The Half Sisters, Meant To Be & Inday Will Always Love You. It will be a big challenge for Kara Mia to go head-to-head with Ang Probinsyano. Kara Mia may have won the internet, but it has yet to be determined if it can win the viewers with its blend of fantasy come this Monday.


Final Battle of Cain & Abel

February 11, 2019

The sibling rivalry between Cain at Abel is near its end as the action series enters its final week. Despite the short story, this series turned out to be unpredictable.

Debuting on November 19, 2018, Cain at Abel marked the reunion of Dingdong Dantes & Dennis Trillo, who used to be together in a few primetime series, like Endless Love. Based on the characters from the Book of Genesis, the series tells a story about 2 brothers, Daniel & Miguel/Elias, who grew up with separate lives. One grew up rich and well mannered, while the other grew up poor with the life of a criminal. Eventually, they’d cross paths and become rivals, not knowing they’re brothers.

The series came out decently strong in its debut week with a rating average of 11% (based on AGB Nielsen NUTAM). However, by the last 3 weeks, its ratings fell within the 9% mark. Just like its predecessors which went head-to-head with FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano, the tandem wasn’t powerful enough to topple Cardo Dalisay’s immortality. Nonetheless, just like Victor Magtanggol & Super Ma’am, they did away with the ratings and go on with the flow, believing that AP is in a league of its own.

It would’ve been as lengthy as (or lengthier than) Super Ma’am. What kept the series from continuing is that his wife & former on-screen partner Marian Rivera will be giving birth around next month.

The series has a different take on Action.  Their interpretation on the story of Cain & Abel is almost similar to the version of Genesis. Its very impressive, the main stars took sibling rivalry to the next level. With Direk Toto Natividad (who used to be one of Ang Probinsyano’s directors) being involved in the series, the scenes & action sequences improved a lot.

The series will wrap up this Friday after 65 episodes, becoming Ang Probinsyano’s 11th victim. Nonetheless, it accomplished it goal to keep their viewers happy and excited. For now, Cain at Abel’s last week will get more intense. It remains to be seen if the brothers will reconcile or one of them will survive.

Inagaw na Bituin to Shine on Monday

February 8, 2019

GMA has done a number of musical seryes in the past, including Kaputol ng Isang Awit, Diva, Biritera & recently My Guitar Princess. And now, they’re into it once again with Inagaw na Bituin.

The series stars Kyline Alcantara & Therese Malvar for the first time in their leading roles, along with veterans Sunshine Dizon, Angelika dela Cruz, Marvin Agustin & Angelu de Leon. This is not their first time being together, in fact, they used to be part of Cinema One’s Hamog back in 2015. Kyline gained fame with her 3-in-1 acting skills on her co-lead role in Kambal, Karibal, earning her title La Nueva Kontrabida, as well as her singing skills. Therese earned awards in indie films Ang Huling Cha-cha ni Anita and Hamog.

This also serves as a reunion of sorts for some veteran stars. Sunshine & Angelika were lead stars of GMA’s hit series Ikaw Lang ang Mamahalin back in the early 2000s, and used to be together in a few other series. Marvin & Angelika used to be part of the main cast of ABSCBN’s hit series Esperanza back in the late 90s. Angelika also has a singing career, known for her songs Sa Atin Lang, My Only Wish & Miss Na Miss Kita, among others.

Inagaw na Bituin tells the story of sisters Belinda (Sunshine) & Lucy (Angelika), who take their rivalry from love to dreams of being a singer. After Anna (Kyline), Belinda’s child with Eduard (Marvin), is kidnapped, their relationship will be put to a test. They will later on focus their attention and love to their niece, Lucy’s daughter, Ariela (Therese). On the other side, Anna will grow up as Elsa with Aurora (Angelu). Their families will soon cross paths due to their love for music.

Joining the stellar cast of Inagaw na Bituin are Manolo Pedroso, Renz Valerio, Gabby Eigenmann, Jerald Napoles, Jackie Lou Blanco, Patricia Tumulak, Alyana Asistio & Clasher Melbelline Caluag. The series is directed by Mark Reyes.

On the other hand, upon release of its story conference, the series was panned by fans of Kyline, stating that the series should be aired on primetime instead of afternoon. Knowing that a lot of her fans are on their early teens, they have a point since they may not be able to watch the show in the afternoon. However, there are a lot of shows in line for primetime. Fans have no choice but to be content of the show’s schedule. They should be even thankful that Kyline has got another big break. Even if it’s on the afternoon, it’d be as successful as Kambal, Karibal, or even The Half-Sisters. Who knows?

It’s somewhat ironic that the series will go head-to-head with ABSCBN’s Kadenang Ginto, which is topbilled by Andrea Brillantes, her co-star in ABSCBN’s remake of Annaliza. In the said show, Andrea, who starred as the title role, was the bida, while Kyline, who portrayed as the half-sister, was the kontrabida. This time, they’re taking on opposite roles & different paths. That said, it will be much of a friendly competition between the 2 best friends.

Since Kyline won the hearts of primetime TV, it will be another challenge for her to prove her worth on afternoon TV. Starting this Monday, viewers will get a glimpse of another musical serye to lighten up their afternoons.

Ika-5 Utos’ Final Week of Revenge

February 4, 2019

Ika-5 Utos will have its shocking finale this Friday, after 116 episodes. Its story was thrice shorter, yet more interesting and worthy, than Ika-6 na Utos.


Ika-5 Utos: The Shocking Finale (Courtesy of GMA Drama)

Debuting on September 10, 2018, Ika-5 Utos tells a story about 3 friends whose friendships will be destroyed because of one crime. As the 5th commandment means Thou shalt not kill, the main stars explained that it is all about the betrayal of friendship & trust in the series.

It made a strong debut week with a rating average of 6.3% (based on AGB Nielsen NUTAM) against It’s Showtime. However, it was toppled by the latter throughout the succeeding weeks. By this time, GMA learned that the hype brought by Ika-6 na Utos was long gone. To change course on the 6-day timeslot, after The Stepdaughters ended, it was moved to a later timeslot to make way for Asawa Ko, Karibal Ko, reducing its airtime to 5 days. It reigned against its current rival, Kadenang Ginto, on numerous occasions. Despite performing better on its current timeslot, the series still failed to match the success attained by Ika-6 na Utos.

In the last few weeks, after everyone thought Clarisse (Valerie Concepcion) was dead over a car crash, she took on a new identity, Cynthia, to continue her silent revenge against her rivals. Later on, they slowly realized that she was still alive. The search for Clarisse opened up the beef between Benjie (Antonio Aquitania) & Emil (Tonton Gutierrez), resulting into the former’s death. Emil’s revelation regarding this incident made Kelly destroy her friendship with Eloisa & go insane. What made the situation worse for Emil & Eloisa was that their baby was kidnapped by the unknown couple, later on to end up on Clarisse’s hands.

Throughout last weekend, GMA Drama promoted Ika-5 Utos’ final week by bringing in at least 7 questions for the viewers to ponder on.

What’s more interesting about this series than Ika-6 na Utos is that rivalry focuses on more than 3 people. Though the main rivalry involves Eloisa (Jean Garcia) & Kelly (Gelli de Belen) vs. Clarisse for having an affair with the former’s husband, there was Carlo (Jake Vargas) vs. Leo (Kiko Estrada) for dating the former’s girlfriend Joanna (Inah de Belen), Kelly vs. Eloisa for forcing the former’s son Carlo to admit his wrongdoings, Roxanne (Kin Rodriguez) vs. Candy (Klea Pineda) for the love of Brix (Jeric Gonzales), and recently Benjie vs. Emil for attempting to move on from the pain caused by Clarisse, among others. And 3 characters were killed each by different people throughout the series.

Among the kontrabida roles Valerie portrayed, this is the meanest one of hers by far. And Jean has the weakest role among the three. Knowing that she portrayed several kontrabida roles in the past, the writers should’ve made her character more fierce, at least just like Gelli’s.

The final week of revenge will be interesting as Ika-5 Utos gets more intense. Only viewers will hope that Clarisse will get the medicine she deserves for a ton of her wrongdoings, giving the Eloisa, Kelly & their families the justice they deserve. After all, the Good will still win in the end.

Remembering May Bukas Pa

February 2, 2019

10 years ago today, way before FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano‘s ongoing primetime domination, May Bukas Pa made its debut on primetime TV.


May Bukas Pa (Courtesy of: ABSCBN)

May Bukas Pa starred Zaijian Jaranilla as Santino, along with Albert Martinez as Santino’s real father, Dina Bonnevie, Tonton Gutierrez, Lara Quigaman, Desiree del Valle, Maja Salvador & Rayver Cruz, with Chin Chin Gutierrez in a special participating role as Santino’s real mother. The priests who took care of Santino were portrayed by Jaime Fabregas, Dominic Ochoa, Lito Pimentel, Badjie Mortiz, David Chua, Andre Tiangco, Ruben Gonzaga, Edgar Sandalo & Victor Basa. Also included in the cast were Liza Lorena, Ogie Diaz, Arlene Muhlach & Ron Morales.


May Bukas Pa is about Santino, who was abandoned in a cemetery as an infant. Eventually, he was adopted by a group of priests in a small town called Bagong Pag-asa who raised him as their own son. Growing up in the monastery, he later on developed his friendship with Jesus, whom he calls him “Bro”. Jesus gave him the power to heal, earning Santino the nickname “Miracle Boy”. As the series went on, he met new friends, searched for clues to whom his real parents are and encountered new obstacles.

In each obstacle, he encountered a certain person with personal problems and did his best to solve it. In one of them, Chi’s sister, Alex, ran away from her family due to her parents forcing her to marry someone she doesn’t love & ran to the monastery for advice. Her father insisted on this because he doesn’t trust her in running their business. Santino talked to her dad to let him understand her side that she can do what every man does.

What made the show more interesting is Rosalie, Kimberly, and Jennifer, collectively known as the town’s Trio Tsismosa. Whenever these ladies gather info from people without them knowing it, they would always rush into the store manned by couples Atong & Baby to share their gossip. Despite ending up being hilariously dismissed by Atong, they even spread the gossip to other people, making the situation worse. Two of the examples include Santino having the power to heal people and Stella being Mario’s daughter with Malena.


Initially, the series was slated to run for 8 weeks. But due to hugely positive feedback and continuously dominant ratings, it was extended to 20 weeks, and later on, 1 year. Overall, it ran from February 2, 2009 to February 5, 2010. Throughout the entire year, it dominated the 7:45pm timeslot.

In addition to that, the series was also the subject of ABSCBN’s 2009 Christmas ID entitled Bro, Ikaw ang Star ng Pasko.


Zaijian Jaranilla – He still stars in various shows in ABSCBN, notably Noah, Lorenzo’s Time & Hawak Kamay. He was recently seen in Bagani.

Albert Martinez – He still stars in various shows in ABSCBN, notably Kung Tayo’y Magkakalayo, Juan dela Cruz & All of Me. He’s currently seen in Kadenang Ginto and The General’s Daughter.

Dina Bonnevie – She still stars in various shows in ABSCBN, TV5 & GMA, notably Sana Bukas Pa Ang Kahapon, Beautiful Strangers & The Blood Sisters. She’s currently seen in Cain at Abel.

Tonton Gutierrez – He still stars in various shows in ABSCBN, TV5 & GMA, notably You’re My Home, Aryana & That’s My Amboy. He’s currently seen in Ika-5 Utos.

Lara Quigaman – She still stars in various shows in ABSCBN, notably Imortal, Juan Dela Cruz & You’re My Home. She’s currently seen in Halik.

Jaime Fabregas – This Sic O’Clock News actor still stars in various shows both in ABSCBN & GMA, notably Kampanerang Kuba, Iglot & Ang Dalawang Ms. Real. He’s currently seen in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.

Dominic Ochoa – This Gimik actor still stars in various shows in ABSCBN, notably E-Boy, Oh My G! & My Super D. He was recently seen in Ngayon at Kailanman and currently has his own weekly show Doc Ricky Pedia.

Desiree del Valle – This Tabing Ilog actress still stars in various shows in ABSCBN, notably Aryana, My Little Juan & Flordeliza. She was recently seen in Asintado.

Maja Salvador – This Spirits actress still stars in various shows in ABSCBN, notably Ina, Kapatid, AnakThe Legal Wife & Bridges of Love. She was recently seen in Wildflower.

Rayver Cruz – This Spirits actor starred in various shows in ABSCBN, notably Reputasyon, Doble Kara & his recent in the said network Bagani. Since his return to GMA, he’s currently seen in Asawa Ko, Karibal Ko.

Lito Pimentel – He still stars in various shows in ABSCBN. He’s currently seen in Los Bastardos.

Chin Chin Gutierrez – After Dahil May Isang Ikaw, she retired from showbiz in 2010 to become a nun.


May Bukas Pa will be remembered as one of ABSCBN’s family-oriented series where kids dominated primetime TV, joining the ranks of Maria Flordeluna, Momay, 100 Days to Heaven, Honesto, Noah & Nathaniel. This is at the top of my personal Top 5 favorite shows of ABSCBN. The series, along with 100 Days, are known for the spiritual teachings viewers will learn from. They remind viewers to believe and to not let go of hope because the good will win in the end.

What an Ironic World

January 29, 2019

Isn’t it ironic that instead of praising you for doing something good, they’d criticize you as if what you did ain’t right? For instance, you saw someone younger than you who treated his sandals like slippers. You reminded him to wear them properly, but his mom saw you. And instead of thanking you, she even questioned what you did. There’s nothing wrong with reminding her son on how to properly treat his sandals. It’s like reminding someone to close his bag whenever you see his bag open, and to tie his shoe laces whenever you see his laces untied. That’s what concerned parents are reminding to their kids. And so should she.

I’ve heard a few people doing this, everywhere I go. And it’s fine. I salute them. Everybody has the right to remind the children of what’s right. We pass to the kids nowadays the good deeds we learned from our childhood, including simple reminders. And there’s nothing wrong with that. The problem is there are some parents who are shallow-minded, they even thought that’s wrong. They’re even destroying faith in humanity with what they’re doing. I honestly don’t know what the ███ is going on nowadays. It’s so sad people don’t get praises for such good deeds. This is one of the reasons why this world is ███ed up. It makes people feel that they don’t wanna live in this planet anymore.

From The Tube is on his indefinite hiatus since last month to focus on other projects. I wish him luck. I’m voluntarily filling in his shoes for a few articles or so, beginning with The General’s Daughter. I find it challenging, but I’ll see how far I can go.

The General’s Daughter to Take Off on Monday

January 18, 2019

This upcoming action-drama series from ABS CBN took around 9 months in production. And here it is, The General’s Daughter.

Angel Locsin stars as the title role, along with Ryza Cenon (who’s recently seen in primetime hit series FPJ’a Ang Probinsyano), Albert Martinez (who will still be seen in afternoon series Kadenang Ginto) & Tirso Cruz III. This marks Angel’s return to primetime after 4 years (with her most recent lead role in The Legal Wife), & Ryza’s 1st regular show on ABS CBN.

TGD involves the rivalry between Gen. Santiago Guerrero (Tirso) & Brigadier Gen. Marcial de Leon (Albert). Tiago kidnaps Marcial’s daughter, Rhian Bonifacio (Angel), and raises her as his own daughter who will later on kill her own father as part of Tiago’s scheme. As Rhian grows up, she’ll get to meet Marcial & her real sister Jessie de Leon (Ryza), among others.

Joining the powerhouse cast of TGD are Janice de Belen, Eula Valdez, Maricel Soriano, Paulo Avelino, JC de Vera, Arjo Atayde, Loisa Andalio, and Ronnie Alonte. The series is directed by Manny Palo & Mervyn Brondial.

Starting this Monday, it’ll be an interesting ride for viewers as they will experience back-to-back action on Primetime, from FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano to The General’s Daughter. With this, ABS CBN has made another game changer on Primetime TV.