Equals 3’s Future

August 14, 2017

It’s been around a year since the last episode of Equals 3 was uploaded. Since then, as announced by host Carlos Santos, Ray William Johnson & the rest of the Equals 3 team were in a production break. Each of them has his/her own career aside from making videos. RWJ is also a stand-up comedian who is currently touring the country for live shows.

A few weeks later, RWJ moved on to other platforms, such as Instagram & FB, where he uploads comedy skits (which are similar to Booze Lightyear, but much shorter) and vlogs. And later on, he re-uploaded some of them (which was since deleted) on YouTube. Since last month, he became active on YouTube once again by re-uploading his weekly FB vlog, Sunday Stories. Good thing he posted a list of Q&As on his 1st 5 videos to let us subscribers know what he’s been up to.

Based from the Q&As on his 1st vlog, he talked about the status of Equals Three and its other shows.

We went on break, and then some of the other guys got jobs elsewhere. Now we’re all kind of doing our own thing career-wise. We may produce more at some point, but YouTube shows (like ours) are expensive to produce and YouTube is going through an ad revenue problem right now.

That means that there’s a 50/50 chance for Equals 3 (and other shows) to go back soon once YouTube’s trouble is fixed.

However, based from the Q&As on his 2nd vlog, he sort of changed his mind.

Doubtful. I’m happier and I get more viewership producing the things I produce now. And I’m not the kind of guy who likes to take a step backwards. Plus, right now YouTube is having an ad revenue problem, so it would cost more money to produce those shows than they would make back in revenue.

Looks like RWJ & the gang won’t be producing any more shows at all. This probably means Goodbye =3, Goodbye 10/10, Goodbye Booze Lightyear.

It’s sad, but true. Since a few months ago, YouTube is experiencing ad revenue problems. A lot of big brands pulled out their ads there. This started in UK when ads appeared on videos from terrorist organizations and other offensive content. After the investigation, brands pulled out their ads on that country. As a result, a lot of YouTubers, including RWJ, are affected from it. They’re earning less than before. Some of them, including Daym Drops, ranted about it.

I’d suggest that RWJ could re-upload his recent skits on YouTube using the Booze Lightyear brand once or twice a week. I’m sure he’ll still get a lot of viewership there as he does in FB or Instagram.


Food Xtreme: Double Onion Whopper

July 3, 2017

Hillbilly Willy Over & Out

June 21, 2017

Wherever you go, there you are.

Early this month, Hillbilly Willy resigned from Retro 105.9 due to creative differences. He was with the station for 1 1/2 years as DJ & Station Manager. Despite gaining advertisers, attracting new audiences and topping the Nielsen AB survey, the station also lost some listeners to FM2. Some listeners said that mass-based programming & retro songs don’t mix.

As a result, Retro is left with no Station Manager. To fix this problem, here’s a list of suggestions for the management:

The management should make use of the DJs. Bring the weekend warriors brought back to Weekdays. Give Bobby Ante the post as Station Manager, if possible. Joshua can go on air again. Reassign Karen as a morning newscaster. Look for another newscaster for the afternoon, perhaps a veteran one. Both of them can do boardwork on Saturdays. And Retro can go automated every Sunday. The Monday – Saturday schedule could go like this:

6pm: BRUCE ROMANO / <Newscaster 2> (S)

I’m still hoping for good changes for Retro.

MC’s Corner: 10 Years

June 17, 2017

Today marks my 10th year on WordPress. Initially, my blog was called MC’s Cool Blog. During the 1st few years, I rarely posted blogs. I gave little attention to it since I was more into Multiply (where I occasionally blogged about my personal stuff), Friendster, Imeem & YouTube (where I search for music until now), et. al. Among the blogs I posted back then were Music fit for studying, parody of dadagdag’s Jun Lozada vs. The Mob (created by one of my friends), 99.5 RT & Super Ondoy.

Since mid-2010, I began writing posts on an occasional basis. I also use my blog to promote my videos (except airchecks) on my YouTube channel. The next year, my blog rose to fame with my post about Talk TV (which later became Solar News, 9TV & CNN PH). Later on, realizing that the name “cool blog” sounds weird, I renamed my blog to MC’s Corner, which fits better for my blog. In 2014, my blog rose to fame once again with my post about Retro 105.9, and the station even shared it. Since then, I focus more on radio, including a yearly review about Philippine radio. But, I still write about other topics as well since it’s boring for me to focus on only 1 topic.

It takes a lot of time for me to gather ideas for a particular post. And I have a lot of stuff to prioritize, especially my studies. Those are why I don’t usually post on my blog. Nonetheless, I still post something whenever I have something in mind. Anyway, happy 10th anniversary to my blog.

Food Xtreme: Yum Burghetti

May 29, 2017

Yum Burghetti is simply a spaghetti in a burger sandwich.

Food Xtreme: Pancit Spaghetti

May 21, 2017

Pancit Spaghetti is simply pancit in spaghetti sauce.

Forgetting The Bad Past

May 14, 2017

Something we need to remove the bad memories for good. (Photo courtesy of: Broken Relationships)

There’s a saying that “the past comes back to haunt you”. I somewhat agree with that. Sometimes, it’s hard to forget the bad memories of the past, especially when it traumatizes you. They can be forgotten at a time. However, as time goes by, they’ll invade your mind again. Whether it’s a particular sound, object or place related to an accident or a traumatic event (which is usual for people with PTSD), or it surprisingly pops into your mind (since you’ll never know when). Here are a few examples.

Flippy of Happy Tree Friends is a retired soldier. He fought in wars and served in the army for a long time, causing him to have a critical case of PTSD. Whenever he sees or hears something which reminds him of war, he gets wild & kill the other characters who are with him. Flippy is an example of a person with PTSD.

Someone told me that Pres. Duterte has some bad memories from the past in which he forgot. And when 2 of the former DDS members showed up during the hearings, they exposed the killings ordered by him. It looks like the past has come to haunt him. I’d rather not comment about it further since I’m not interested in politics.

Life is full of mysteries. The bad past can probably get people Triggered.