Campus Radio reborn

Last Easter Sunday was the happiest moment of all the Die-hard listeners of Campus Radio, because after a year, it went back to the airwaves in a new frequency as 99.5 Campus FM. It’s very nice to hear the voices of the Campus jocks, John Hendrix, Joe Spinner, Jaybee, Jimmy Jam, and The Triggerman. They have returned 2 months after Mike Enriquez fired them from LS after their years of being part of the station. Thanks to those who helped in the petition, and everyone responsible for the rebirth of Campus. The Campus spirit has risen once again.

Aside from the Campus veterans, a few jocks from Hit FM have also become part of Campus FM, especially the BrewRats & Davd Ardiente. The programs are just the same a before. They have Campus Aircheck, Top 20 at 12 & Front.Center. Their Retro Jam is now called Campus Classic Weekend, which plays songs from the 90s and early 2000s every Weekends, and has special programs with different genres. And they also have programs from Hit FM, BrewRats & David’s House. Speaking of 99.5 Hit FM, it went of the air for the last time a day before Maundy Thursday, for some unknown reasons, after 1 1/4 years on air. Well, we’re in with the new because they are now putting the Campus back on the Radio.

I hope this idea of putting the Campus back on the Radio will last for long. Long live Campus FM!


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