99.5 RT is back!

99.5 RT The Rhythm of the City (courtesy of 99.5 RT)

Last September 1, 2008, 99.5 RT went back on the air. Avid listeners of this station were excited after waiting for 1 2/3 months. Joshua Z was 1st DJ to be on the air during the revival, followed by other veteran DJs who worked in RT for the last 3 brands (1st RT, Hit & Campus). This morning, 24K Friday revived as 24K Weekend, playing the best hits of the 70s, 80s & 90s now airing every Saturday 6:00am – Sunday 12:00mn.

3 Responses to 99.5 RT is back!

  1. Martin Danza says:

    I’m glad 99.5 RT is back on the air. I’m an avid listener of it since 2003. It’s like going back to the good old days!

  2. […] been into those brands. Hit is quite similar to RT, but it targeted to younger audiences. And when RT came back last 2008, it initially attempted to sound just like the old RT. But it changed over the next years. Since […]

  3. […] on board, and he gave us listeners a big surprise. And I was right. The Rhythm was back. It was the return of the legendary RT, using its  classic slogan The Rhythm Of The City. I heard 2 versions of “I kissed a […]


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