New on 99.5 RT

There were some new changes on 99.5 RT.

King DJ Logan is back on air since Sept. 28 after a year of hiatus. Now, he hosts his own morning show, King DJ Logan’s Disenchanted Kingdom. The BrewRats had there last broadcast last Sept. 25. Now, they moved to U92.3.

Jeremiah Junior, RT veteran DJ, is back & he hosts 24K Weekend every weekend mornings. However, during his time slot, he does his own top of the hour staple, as their tradition, just like what he & the other DJs did during the early years of RT & the old RT stingers were rarely heard. Joshua Z, another RT veteran DJ, moved to U92.3 as Joshua Yu.

These comeback DJs will give us lots of music & fun from this time on. Long live 99.5 RT.


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