Election 2010

June 9, 2010

Last May 10, 2010, the 1st automated elections were held. There were lots of people voting for the president, etc. of their choice. It was a success, although there were a few mistakes & the process was slow. At the end of the result, Noynoy Aquino won as President & Jojo Binay won as Vice President. Thanks to GMA 7, who gave a very good coverage for this elections.

I’m glad that Aquino is now the new president. His relatives & the people have a very strong support on him. However, i’m not glad that Binay is the new vice president. For some people, Binay is one of the most corrupt politicians. He has ghost workers. The money only goes to him & his family. Therefore, Binay does not have the right to win over Mar Roxas. We¬†should blame Sen. Chiz Escudero, Prof. Danton Remoto, AnWary, Ang Ladlad & Bandila Partylists. It’s their fault that Binay won.

If Escudero runs as president for 2016 elections, his opponents will be Marcos Jr., Roxas (whom he didn’t support) & Binay (whom he supported), which means he will have a very hard time winning. Therefore, he should just reject his offer. Why support somebody who will be your future opponent? Therefore, if Remoto & Escudero hadn’t support Binay, then this wouldn’t have happened.

Anyway, it’s too late. The chosen ones were selected. We can’t do anything about it. But, it’s not yet over for Roxas. He will file a protest against Binay.

Above all, the elections was a success. I hope it will be more successful next elections.