Philippine Radio Industry Today

August 16, 2010

Since 2007, everything changes in the Philippine Radio Industry. Some of them were bad news, some were good news. Let’s set the timeline below:


  • January 1. 99.5 RT changed its name to 99.5 Hit FM & catered to Young People. 103.5 K-Lite changed its name to Heart 103.5 with a Rhythmic Contemporary format.
  • January 11. DWDM 95.5 ceased broadcasting. I was very disappointed about it. I had been listening to this since 2002.
  • February 14. Campus Radio 97.1┬áchanged its name to 97.1 Barangay LS with a masa format & a slogan “Forever!”. All of the avid listeners were disappointed about the reformat because of Mike Enriquez. In radio, he has a very bad taste, though I like the 1st reformat.
  • April 8. 92.3 Joey changed its name to XFM 92.3 & played ambient, chill, down-tempo, electronica, house & club music. Too bad I will miss the Saturday Night Programs.
  • May 8. DWDM 95.5 had a short-lived revival with limited broadcast hours (9am – 1pm). I was happy to hear it again until its death again on June 8.
  • June 19. Heart 103.5 changed its name again to 103 1/2 Max FM with a CHR format. My favorite show was “Back in the day cafe” w/ DJ Carl McFly.


  • January 16. 97.1 Barangay LS became very masa with its slogan “Ayos!” & Papa & Mama tags. At the same day, Mike Enriquez fired the longtime DJs & hired new DJs from various RGMA Provincial Stations. It began to sound very corny. So, I stopped listening to it.
  • March 19. 99.5 Hit FM signed off.
  • March 23. Campus Radio revived as Campus 99.5 with most of the DJs from the old Campus Radio 97.1. Everyone is happy about it.
  • August 14. Campus 99.5 ceased airing & switched to automated music. All of the avid listeners were disappointed about it again.
  • September 1. 99.5 RT revived. We thought that RT died, especially 24K, but it became alive again. We are so happy about it & I hope it will live forever.
  • October 6. MBC bought 96.3 WRock & operates it under CBC. MBC has a lot of radio stations. Why buy another one? Anyway, WRock revived as an internet station.
  • December 2008. DWRT-AM 990 revived as Nueve Noventa.


  • March 21. Campus Radio revived as an internet station. I hope it will revive soon on FM.
  • May 19. 96.3 WRock changed its name to 96.3 Easy Rock, but it retained its format. This was MBC’s 1st time to venture to class A & B. Nice job.
  • July. 103 1/2 Max FM reformatted into a dance station & competed with 107.9 U Radio. In the end, U Radio still won!
  • September 18. 101.9 For Life! had its last broadcast. It was a nice station though.
  • October 1. XFM 92.3 rebranded to U92 with a CHR format. Too bad we will miss the smooth jazz format on that station.
  • November 4. 101.9 revived as Tambayan 101.9 with a more masa format. I like it, though I rarely listen to it.


  • February 1. DZSR changed its callsign to DWSY, meaning Sports & Youth. It now caters not just sports, but also the youth.
  • April 23. WXB 102 revived its live broadcast in This is because Michael Sutton & George Frederick had financial trouble with Live365. They’re now using Hayag & Ustream.
  • April 29. Philippine Daily Inquirer bought the 990 KHz frequency & began airing as DZIQ Radyo Inquirer 990.
  • August 23. DWKX revived as 103.5 Wow FM. This is TRPI’s first venture into the mainstream, mass-based market. I hope that they can do good with it!
  • August 25. DZRJ changed its brand to DZRJ 810 The Voice of the Philippines with an English Format. It is the 1st & only English News, Public Service & Lifestyle AM radio station in the Philippines. I hope DZRJ will be successful with this format.
  • September 30. After a year of its broadcast, U92 ended its broadcast. NBC changed hands with Viacom & began supporting TV5’s expansion.
  • November 7. NU 107, the one & only home of NU Rock, ended its broadcast.
  • November 8. TV5 launched the 1st FM station with an AM format called 92.3 News FM, with the help of NBC. Actually, it is not the 1st one. RMN & Super Radyo were the 1st 2 radio networks to have a few FM stations with an AM format.

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Searching for a song yet you don’t know the song title

August 14, 2010

Every time I hear a song I heard for the first time, I don’t know the title of the song. So What I do is write the parts of the lyrics of the song & search for it. After that, I get the title of the song I’m looking for. For example, I search for the phrase “Say a little prayer, Say a little prayer for me.” After that, I got the title of the song “Say a Prayer by Breathe”. If you want to make it more specific, you can add the decade of its release & genre of the song. For example, I search for “Somewhere in my heart 80s New Wave Song.” After that, I got the title of the song “Somewhere in my Heart by Aztec Camera”. Try these kinds of methods & you will find what you’re looking for.