What part of "Drop the gun" didn't you understand? (courtesy of StickDeath)

Last 2007, I heard this website that has lots of violence in it. So, I went to this site called & I saw a lot of its animations, games, pictures, etc. that have lots of violence. It is a good website, though.

StickDeath is an animated cartoon made by Rob Lewis in 1995. At that time, its famous animations were K9, Parashit, COPS & FLIR. During the early 2000s, he started creating series like Anti Autotheft Devices, Al-Quida Cam & Superbeast. At the same year, it ventured into games, such as Crack House Clean Up, SBOX (XBOX Version of SD) & SWAT (Sticks With Ass-kiching Tactics).

Despite the bad comments of  some people, SD was one of the most popular Websites during the early 2000s. SD is very influenced in rock music & some of their favorite bands are Metallica, Fear Factory, Lamb of God & Scum of the Earth. The Return of the Martyr Machine was its last animation in 2005. Since then, its website is still active, although Rob Lewis left the website unupdated.

I hope Rob Lewis revives SD today. We want to see his new animations.


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