John Lennon at 70

Today, we celebrate John Lennon’s 70th Birthday. Well you know John as one of the best singers. He symbolizes peace. He once told us in a song Imagine all the people, living for today, living life in peace & sharing all the world. He wants the world to live equally & peacefully, with no war. He wants the world to give peace a chance. He wants us to make the world live as one.

John is also known for the word “bagism”. It represents a form of total communication, meaning the listener would hear only the bagist’s message. John & Yoko said that, by living in a bag, a person could not be judged by others on the basis of skin color, gender, hair length, attire, age, or any other such attributes.

If he wasn’t murdered by Mark Chapman in 1980, then he would have been still alive today celebrating his 70th birthday. We can hardly imagine that he’s gone. Well, EMI recently released a box set containing reissues & remasters of his albums. I’ll find a way to buy a copy, if possible, although I have a compilation of his popular songs. The spirit & music lives on forever.

3 Responses to John Lennon at 70

  1. Ray says:

    I really like John Lennon, especially his songs.

  2. Kelvin says:

    Most of John Lennon’s songs are all about peace. It’s nice to listen to his songs.

    • coolmac says:

      I do agree. Two of his songs that are about peace are “Give peace a chance”, “Power to the people” & “Imagine”.


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