Microsoft Entertainment Pack

November 29, 2010

When I was young, the only computer game set I played in my old computer (Windows 95) was Microsoft Entertainment Pack. It contains nice games such asĀ  Go Figure!, Jezzball, Pipe Dream, SkiFree & Chip’s Challenge. Among the 23 games in that set, I often played with SkiFree & Chip’s Challenge because they are quite addicting for me.

Nowadays, since I already have a new computer, I don’t play this game set anymore. However, I still play Chip’s Challenge (I downloaded it from the internet) & recently SkiFree.


NU 107 is NU more

November 8, 2010

Yesterday was the last day of NU 107. During the special episode of Not Radio, the current & former NU DJs had their chance to air their farewell message. Cris Cruise was the last DJ (he was also the Head of Network Operations) to say his farewell message. The last song was Eraserhead’s Ang Huling El Bimbo. After that was the sign-off stinger & finally the Philippine National Anthem.

After 23 years of NU Rock, the management decided to close down. Thaw was bad news for the listeners. There were people who tuned in to NU 107 via radio & internet & outside its studio to listen to its last minutes. Despite not being a regular listener of this station, I was lucky to listen to its last few days, especially the last episodes of Rock Ed Radio & Not Radio. There were rumors that it may change into a masa-appeal music station. I hope it doesn’t. NU 107 continued what WXB 102 left & played rock music that is dynamic, young, passionate, creative, and always ready to renew itself, which is what we call New Rock. Since NU 107 is gone, Pinoy Rock will never be the same again. Listeners thanked NU 107 for everything.

But the spirit of NU Rock lives on.