Xmas 2010

December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all of you. This Christmas Break is a time to bond more with our Family, whether at Home or somewhere else. I hope you enjoy it. And for this post, I will talk about GMA 7, TV5 & DZRJ.

This year is GMA 7’s 60th Year.  In other words, it is its luckiest year. Aside from releasing soap operas, it launched its 1st Kanta-serye (Diva), 1st Reality Sitcom (Pepito Manaloto) & 1st comedy bar on TV (Comedy Bar). There were many artists who moved to GMA. Among them are Joross Gamboa, Bayani Agbayani, Ryan Agoncillo (despite not having an exclusive contract with the 3 networks), Claudine Barretto, Carl Guevarra, Edu Manzano, Cesar Montano, Wil Devaughn & Sam Pinto. Despite winning only 15 titles in the 24th PMPC Star Awards & having no titles in the 19th KBP Golden Dove Awards, it won a lot of titles in other awards such as Anak TV. GMA’s programs take the lead in the Metro Manila & Luzon Ratings, which is good. I hope they can also improve in Visayas & Mindanao. Eat Bulaga recently takes the #1 spot in the National & Metro Manila Daytime Ratings (source: TNS). GMA always does its best to stay unique from other TV stations.

This year is the birth & growth of TV5. After Manny Pangilinan purchased TV5, he revamped it from Ka-shake to Kapatid in order to compete more with ABSCBN & GMA. It launched new shows such as PO5, Paparazzi, Pidol’s Wonderland, My Darling Aswang & Star Factor & its 1st talakserye on Philippine television and Barangay Hall on air (Face to Face). There were some artists & hosts who moved to TV5; 2/3 of them came from ABSCBN. Among them are JC de Vera, Danita Paner, Maricel Soriano, Dolphy, Kean Cipriano. Cristy Fermin, Ruffa Gutierrez & Willie Revillame are the 3 controversial hosts from ABSCBN. Recently, as part of their expansion, it began operating Radyo5 92.3 (the 1st FM Station with an AM format) & Radyo5 Radyovisyon (the 1st Teleradyo on Free TV) through its ironic sister network, NBC. It began its movie arm, CineMabuhay, with Rosario. With this, I hope that TV5 can defeat ABSCBN.

This year, DZRJ 810 changed the AM Radio Industry as being the 1st & only English-Language AM radio station in the Philippines.  It is called as DZRJ 810 The Voice of the Philippines. It was launched last August 25, 2010 as a test broadcast & October 4, 2010 as an official broadcast. This is to fit in more with VOA & BBC. Aside from teaming up with VOA & BBC, which began in 2004, it recently teamed up with Philippine Star. It also airs PBA Games (which began last year), lifestyle tips from Life Coaches & Old-time Radio Theater Classics. I hope this will be very successful.

2010 is considered the year of change because there were a lot of changes happening in the industry today. Anyway, beginning 2011, I will post blogs around 3 – 5 times a month.


The Bridge is Finally Finished

December 11, 2010

Last October 1, 2010, the Bridge near the Ynares Center is finished. They started in May 2010 & ended in September 2010. During 5 months of its rebuilding, the vehicles often had a very difficult time passing through Sumulong National High School because of traffic. The workers said last July 31 that it would take until the end of  September because they had a hard time taking away the stones under the bridge.

Here are the pictures of how the bridge was built.

Bridge July 2010

Building of the Bridge's body (July 2010)

Bridge August 2010

Bridge's body halfway done (August 2010)

Bridge September 2010

Cementing of the Bridge (September 2010)

Bridge October 2010

The new & improved Bridge (October 2010)

Anyway, it’s already finished. Now, the newly built bridge is wider & bigger for vehicles to pass through.