PeopleString is the new social network

January 30, 2011

Nowadays, most people are using Facebook & MySpace, which are the most popular social networks in the world. I think it’s time for you people to explore something new. Perhaps, they can try PeopleString, an extraordinary social network which has a lot of features.

There, you can “Own A Piece of the Web!” You can get paid for doing the things you are already doing in the internet, like surfing the internet, using an email, playing games, social networking, shopping online, reading advertisements, etc. You can invite your friends to join and earn more.

You can have their own homepage, email account (with powerful features) & social network account. You can have 70% of PeopleString’s revenues shared among members.┬áThe more you use PeopleString, the more you earn.

You can join for free. Once, you’ll receive $0.10 on your first time. Facebook doesn’t pay you, but PeopleString does!


My 1st YouTube Poop

January 8, 2011

Since last year, I watched a lot of YouTube Poops from Smash Production’s SSMBEXPERT, FPP Production’s FoamPackingPeanuts & Nicholas Walstrom’s WalrusGuy (now WalrusGuyMEMORIAL). Those YTPs contain sentence & scene mixing. Unlike any other YTPs, SSMBEXPERT is the only channel with animated ones wherein he made King Harikinian (from Zelda) drive a car.

I was interested in making YTPs. However, I had a hard time looking for free software. What I found was the Magix Movie Editor (30-day trial), but once the trial expires, i will install AVS Movie Editor. I recently made my 1st YouTube Poop. So, this Monday, I’ll upload it in my channel.

2011: The start of another decade

January 1, 2011

It’s already 2011. During the 1st decade, I faced some hardships. How was the 1st decade going for you? Anyway, as usual, we’ll be facing something new. And to increase the views in my blog, I’ll post 3 – 5 times a month. Let’s make this year right & let another decade roll!