My 1st YouTube Poop

Since last year, I watched a lot of YouTube Poops from Smash Production’s SSMBEXPERT, FPP Production’s FoamPackingPeanuts & Nicholas Walstrom’s WalrusGuy (now WalrusGuyMEMORIAL). Those YTPs contain sentence & scene mixing. Unlike any other YTPs, SSMBEXPERT is the only channel with animated ones wherein he made King Harikinian (from Zelda) drive a car.

I was interested in making YTPs. However, I had a hard time looking for free software. What I found was the Magix Movie Editor (30-day trial), but once the trial expires, i will install AVS Movie Editor. I recently made my 1st YouTube Poop. So, this Monday, I’ll upload it in my channel.

3 Responses to My 1st YouTube Poop

  1. Martin Danza says:

    Congratulations to your 1st YouTube Poop! I like it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is what we call Peanuts Poop!

  3. Speedee says:

    Hi, regards all 🙂


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