PPR25: People Power Revolution @ 25

Today, February 25, is the 25th Anniversary of People Power Revolution. It is one of the most important events that happened in the Philippines, which marked the revival of the country’s democracy. During the last few years of Marcos’ Presidency, the Filipinos were fed up with Marcos because they have no freedom & he killed the people who “threatened” him. Ninoy Aquino was assassinated after disembarking on a flight in NAIA. Marcos & Aquino won in the Snap Election, but Marcos refused to step down from Presidency. The troops shut down the Radyo Veritas transmitter, but the staff secretly went to another station, DZRJ 810, in which it began to be known as Radyo Bandido. On this date, Marcos & his family were forced to leave the Philippines after US Sen. Paul Laxalt’s advice. This led to the end of the Marcos/Martial Law era, which made the Filipinos rejoice to happiness. You know what Ninoy said, Filipinos are worth dying for.

Today is also the last day for RPN9. It had many milestones during the 60s – 80s, such as being the first Philippine television network to launch in full color & having lots of top-rating shows. After the PPR, it was sequestered. However, it wasn’t over for RPN9. It took back its popularity in 1996 by broadcasting a Tagalog dub of the Mexican telenovela, Marimar, which quickly became a popular program for the network. In 2007, Solar Entertainment began supporting RPN9 by airing US TV Shows. Recently, its employees continues to file a “Notice of Strike” protest against the closure which suffers unemployment and mismanagement. Besides, Solar is now the majority owner of RPN9. Looks like it’s the verge of RPN9’s journey & it will sign off for the last time today.


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