The all-new Friendster

Last July 1, 2011, Social Network pioneer Friendster transformed into a Social Gaming site. It was announced last May 2011 when the company decided to discontinue user social network accounts & revamp into a social gaming site. But what didn’t change are the accounts & contact list (or friendlist). Ironically, rival Facebook rose to fame last 2009. As a result, Friendster’s popularity waned, but not in Asia. Later on, In August 2010, Facebook had acquired 18 patents from Friendster, which is very disappointing. During its last months, Friendster was unable to compete with Facebook, which resulted to a site revamp. As you see, Facebook owner Zuckerberg is a genius, thinking he has the ability to make Facebook the #1 Social Networking site in the world. No offense, but had Facebook haven’t exist, Friendster will still top.

The new look of Friendster since July 2011.


Friendster said in the new and improved website, it will focus on entertainment and fun. It aims not to compete, but rather to complement Facebook. As a Social Gaming site, its new competitor is now Mochi Games. I’m glad that Friendster did something to rise to fame once again, but in a different direction. More power to Friendster!

One Response to The all-new Friendster

  1. […] This issue reminds me of Facebook‘s popularity growing fast way back 2009, when it had taken over Friendster & Multiply. And unbelievably, the key to its popularity was to acquire some of what Friendster originally owned. With this, Friendser’s popularity waned & ended up getting revamped as a gaming network. […]


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