Speaking of Blue

It’s Christmas once again. A time for peace & love to one another, not for fighting. And a time to bond with our Family, whether at Home or somewhere else. Remember that it doesn’t matter if you don’t receive gifts, but what is important is Love, Care & Friendship. And for this post, I’ll be talking about the meaning of Blue for Mapuan students.

Blue  means a student “passes in or is done with a particular subject”. Its opposite is Black, which means a student “fails in or will retake a particular subject”. It is based on the curriculum. After their tests are over, they log in to their MyMapua accounts & look at their curriculum. They get updated on them, checking if one of their subjects turn to Blue. Around Friday or Saturday, their subjects in their curriculum turn to either Blue or Black (with the exception of PE & NSTP, which do this action earlier). However, on Saturday, they get their grades, once their subjects  turn to their truer colors. When a student passes all subjects or fail 1 or 2 subjects, he celebrates himself. But when he fails 3 or more subjects, he gets disappointed. I bet students like me are doing their best to pass all the subjects nowadays.

Speaking of 2012, let’s not think that it’s the end of the world (because you watched 2012). Let’s say that it’s just another year for us to make things right. Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to everyone!


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