It Should’ve Been Jessica

June 2, 2012

Last May 23, we expected Jessica Sanchez to win as American Idol. Unfortunately, it turned out to be Philip Phillips who won. The reason for this is because the judges were looking for White Guy With Guitar (WGWG). Another reason is that Phillips suffered from a congenital kidney condition, and some people were concerned about him. And his song, “Home”, received very good remarks from the judges, he was perfect.

But Sanchez did her best, despite her struggling. And her song, “Change Nothing”, received negative remarks from the judges, she should have done better & the song wasn’t proper for her. But her voice is soulful enough. The judges should have liked her song the way it is.

Besides, Sanchez performed better than Phillips, and she deserved to win the Title. What does winning have to do with Phillips’s kidney condition? Some people don’t care that much about it. Forget the WGWG Trend. Previous Idol runner-ups did better than WGWGs. More people gave Sanchez a lot of support. Yet, Phillips won the title. That’s a fvcking big disappointing to all of us, especially Pinoys. The ratings of Idol went down because of the choosiness of the judges. They want WGWGs, which started 5 years ago. Fvck the judges, they should’ve made a better decision.

Jessica Sanchez should have won as American Idol for 2012.