Anna Banana’s Rotten Attitude

August 18, 2012

Derek Lorenzo became a YouTube sensation with his “Anna Banana” video, last February this year. In 6 months, it reached 1.3 million views. PLDT used & supported his video as a commercial to promote their wireless product, myDSL. He wrote this song for the most awesome girl in his class, who is his crush.

Recently, Anna Banana, whose real name is Anna Benaza, made a video response to his video that: She doesn’t like Derek that much (she really never liked him), he dances like a monkey, and he doesn’t have a chance to be her boyfriend. The video began with a nice message for him, and turned out to be insulting, stating that she hates him.

Here’s Anna’s video response to Derek’s video:

Her video response was very insulting & disrespectful. She didn’t just revealed in public of how she feels about the video. She also broke Derek’s heart in public. It hurts a lot. We expected an “Anna”, who is kind and understanding. But the “Anna” we expected turns out to be a mean bitch. Looks like Anna Banana revealed her rotten attitude. Who the hell is she to embarrass him in public? There’s no need to make a video response of how she feels. She should have said it to him personally, in a humble manner, and be happy about his video for her. Because of this issue, Derek is now friend-zoned.

Here’s a lesson to learn from this issue. This is also one of the problems of having a crush. Don’t make a post in public that you have a crush on someone, notably your classmate, officemate, or neighbor. He/she may react negatively and you may not like it.


You can also be Derek’s new “Anna”, as long as you’re kind and understanding. For more details, go to: