Traffic, Traffic Everywhere

November 29, 2012

Traffic along Northbound EDSA. (

There are times when we’re stuck on traffic for some reason. Traffic is one of the things we have to live with and it’s everywhere in the metro . We define Traffic as a passage of a lot of vehicles and passengers or people on roads. As you can see, there are several causes of traffic. It can be the construction done along the road. It can be an accident occurred between 2 or more cars. It can be a parade or any special event covering up most of the parts of the road. It can be anything that block’s the vehicle’s path.

The problem of heavy traffic is that it wastes your time on travelling, getting you worried that you’ll be late for work or class. It can increase your travel time from one place to another through a route, wherein a part of it is affected by traffic. Suppose, you leave Antipolo for LRT Santolan at 5:45am, and it usually takes 30 minutes to travel there. So you expected to arrive at Santolan at 6:15am. However, you got caught in traffic along Marcos Hi-way because there’s an ongoing road construction. As a result, your travel time was delayed by 20 minutes. Thus you arrived at 6:35am. And if you’re late, blame the traffic for getting you fvcked up by delaying your travel time.

To reduce being late, or at least get away from traffic, try leaving a bit earlier. You’ll see, traffic will be somewhat lighter than later, and you may arrive ate your destination earlier. You can’t escape traffic, but you can escape time.