Double Disappointment

December 25, 2012

Christmas is here once again. It’s a time for peace & love to one another, and a time for Family bonding. And for this post, I’ll talk about Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao’s Double Disappointment for us Pinoys.

Scoreboard of the Judges. (Inquirer Sports)

Last June 9, Manny Pacquiao unfortunately lost over Timothy Bradley. Looks like the decision is so unclear because Pacquiao gave more punches than Bradley in most rounds. The decision came clear with the Las Vegas judges. Duane Ford and CJ Ross declared Bradley as winner with 115-113. On the other hand, Jerry Roth declared Pacquiao as winner with 115-113. However, to make things better, the scores from the 5-man panel judges declared that Pacquiao won over Bradley with 117-111, 117-111, 118-110, 116-112, and 115-113. And that means, by unanimous decision, Pacquiao won over Bradley.

However, WBO Pres. Paco Valcarcel said that the unanimous decision they made wasn’t even close. And worse, the WBO won’t change their decision or force Bradley to give up the crown. And that means, they’re cheating. I know it’s not Pacquiao’s fault. It’s the fault of judges Ford and Ross. They seem jealous that Pacquiao always win, so they cheat on the scores & made Bradley win. Or they were blind, they thought Bradley gave more punches than Pacquiao. It’s also Valcarcel’s fault for not changing decisions. The video clip of the fight was clear. Pacquiao gave more punches than Bradley. Thus, Pacquiao should’ve been declared the winner in the 1st place. These 3 people weren’t making good decisions at all, so screw them!

And you thought Pacman won in his recent game? Think not, because it’s too tragic.

Pacquiao knocked out. (

Last December 9, On Manny Pacquiao’s 4th fight with Juan Manuel Marquez, Marquez has finally won. On Round 2, Marquez had stepped on Pacquiao’s foot. And that’s cheating, but judges don’t seem to care. On Round 3, Marquez gave Pacquiao an overhand, which temporarily knocked him down. Pacquiao recovered quickly on Round 4. However, halfway the game, Marquez gave Pacquiao a powerful punch, which knocked him out & left him unconscious. As a result, Marquez won the fight.

What’s wrong with Pacquiao here? Did he give up? Did he lack energy? Was it his change in religion? It may be either of those, I don’t really know. Pacquiao shouldn’t have given up in the middle of the fight. He should’ve recovered right away, just like what he did on Round 4, and kept on fighting. A person said, because he lost to Marquez, Pacman became Weakman. It seems a bit legit to me, though insulting. After all, Pacquiao shouldn’t have planned his 4th fight with Marquez in the 1st place. Besides, their 3rd fight is good enough. It’s nobody’s fault, for this was just a fair fight. Anyway, congratulations to Marquez for defeating the immortal Pacman. You deserve the title, but Pacquiao is still our champ.

It’s kinda disappointing that Pacquiao never won a single game this year. But, he’ll never give up on fighting. Whether he wins or loses a game, he’s still our champion. And, I wanna greet him a Belated Happy Birthday to him. More birthdays & fights to come. And speaking of the End of the World, it (and the one you saw in the movie 2012) didn’t take effect last Dec. 21, and it’s good that we’re still alive & kicking. The Bible says, No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father (Mark 13:32). I wish you people a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!


99.5 RT gets played as 99.5 Play FM

December 18, 2012

99.5 Play FM

Last Monday at 6am, 99.5 reveals a new brand for this year, 99.5 Play FM. This is the 4th time 99.5 has rebranded. From RT, to Hit, to Campus, back to RT, to Play. I can’t believe this station has rebranded a lot for the past 6 years. Anyway, Play FM had a good start this morning.

Tim Yap (socialite & Phil Star Supreme columnist), Sam Oh (one of the RT mainstays), and Nikko (formerly known as Tyler from Magic 89.9) were the first jocks to board on that morning (6am) with their program, The Playground. Tim Yap, on his 1st time being a DJ, shares to us listeners his friendship with celebrities, experiences in other countries, notably Thailand, etc. At 10am, Jing, one of the RT mainstays who was formerly known as Dirty J, goes solo once again in his program, The One-Stop Shop. It’s like his former show on RT, The Nightcap, wherein he airs news about sports & a bit of showbiz. There was one time when he was about to play Technotronic’s Pump Up The Jam when he was about to air his sports update, but he stopped it after the whole intro. Come 2pm, Inka (one of the RT mainstays) goes on board for her program, The Play Pen. Looks like she’s back on the afternoon slot. And at 6pm, Lil Joey & Jaz (both came from Magic, the latter being its junior jock) go on board for their program, Nitetime Playtime. Jaz doesn’t sound that bad on air, she sound kinda nervous, just like she was during her 1st time boarding on RT. Initially, Justin (junior jock from Magic) subbed for Joey during its initial week, while he was on leave, until he began going solo since yesterday at 10pm for The Jungle Gym.

Claude (one of the RT mainstays who was formerly known as Jack Master 8 & Claude 9), Scarlett (one of the RT mainstays), Tino, Bea Fab & Guile (junior jocks from Magic) take over the weekends. Special programs include Playback (Wednesday), playing songs from mid-90s to mid-2000s, and Play It Live (Friday), which features OPM Bands & Artists play live. Those are its special shows for now, but there will be more of those, maybe it will have its own countdown just like RT30. We’ll see, sooner.

There are some changes around this new station. It’s that this station caters to the youngsters. It’s like Magic & the defunct Hit FM. The hot hits playlist are downsized to half, replacing the other half with songs that are more pop, such as as LMFAO, One Direction, Lady Gaga, Flo Rida, etc. Well, Foster The People, Rita Ora, The Script, Maroon 5, Owl City and Bruno Mars, those which were usually heard on RT, are still part of the playlist, but there is no more M83, Black Keys, Florence + The Machine, Matchbox 20 & Metal Heads. And did you realize that every show is supposed to last for 3 hours on weekdays & 4 hours on weekends? Now, it lasts for 4 hours on weekdays & 3 hours on weekends. It’s kinda confusing with this swap, but we have to get used to it. And, its retro program, Playback, which airs every Wednesday, plays songs from mid-90s to mid-2000s, or, in other words, songs that teens are very familiar with. It’s kinda similar to Hit FM’s #1 Hit Weekend to me, which plays 90s, and its competitors are Wave 891’s Wave Back Wednesday & RX 93.1’s Monster Riot.

I gotta admit, no offense, this is not the station I kinda expected to rebrand to. I expected a station quite similar to Hit FM, which targets people 16 to 30 years old, & a retro program which plays 80s & 90s stuff, similar to 24K, and falls on a Weekend. Looks like Ron Valentine was right, he doubted that those things will happen. It turns out to be a station for the youngsters, the “new generation” of people. The management has dumped the songs older than 1994, which includes hard-to-find songs, which RT only has. And Saturday is never the same without 24K, I don’t know what to listen to for my Saturday soundtrip. Well, I decided to switch to Jam 88.3‘s WRXP, which plays mostly classic rock, & 105.1 Crossover‘s Classic Weekend, which turned out to sound a bit like 24K, I could also listen to this on a Sunday. Christopher Cross’s Never Be The Same remains stuck in my head, thinking that radio is never the same without RT. I still like Play FM & its DJs, but I still also like RT.

I know you guys are disappointed about the change, but we have to accept it. RT is gone, but not forgotten. Looks like RT listeners have to move to another station, or to VSORT, and help AFT create The Vintage Jukebox. Anyway, congratulations on 99.5 Play FM’s launch last Monday, and we’ll expecting more from this station on the long run. I hope it will last long, attracting the youngsters out there.

99.5 RT will be gone… Again

December 9, 2012
The next generation on 99.5.

The next generation of 99.5.

After 4 years on air, 99.5 RT will wave goodbye to the airwaves (again) today. That is very sad news to us isn’t it? It was just last mid-October, when I realized that RT will rebrand into something else.

At that Saturday afternoon, I called Claude (one of the newbies of RT) and asked what happened to Logan, etc. Though he didn’t know much about what happened, since he checks in only during weekends, he just gave me a few details about it. Last Tuesday around mid-October, King DJ Logan resigned after The Disenchanted Kingdom‘s final episode. Too bad I didn’t catch it. Since then, Ron Valentine took over the slot. And last Saturday morning, during the final 24K Weekend, I called Ron Valentine and asked what recently happened. RT legendary DJ Jeremiah Junior took a break from radio since December, and that was why I haven’t heard from him since December 1st. He doubted that the new brand’s retro program would fall on a Saturday.

The daily shows had their finale last Friday. And the other weekly shows, notably Freeway Friday & New Wave Xtra, had their finale. Freeway Friday ended with Neil Young’s “Hey Hey, My My”. New Wave Xtra extended 1 hour during its finale, and ended with Pale Fountains’s “Thank You”.

I began listening to 99.5 RT since 2006, and at that time, 24K Friday was the program I listened to often. And since 2007, 99.5 has rebranded a few times, from Hit to Campus (both existed for a total of 1 1/2 years), and back to RT. Haven’t they got tired of changing brands? I’ve been into those brands. Hit is quite similar to RT, but it targeted to younger audiences. And when RT came back last 2008, it initially attempted to sound just like the old RT. But it changed over the next years. Since this year, I began making phone requests, which I do every 3 to 4 weeks, and I’m kinda used to it.

Well, it looks like today is RT’s last stand. RT’s 2nd incarnation is just short-lived. I thought that RT’s 2nd incarnation will stay for another 40 years or so. Well, it turned out to be that its new management will be rebranding 99.5. I can hear Koji on air during RT’s last hour. I know some of you listeners are disappointed about the change, but it has happened already. Look at the bright side, the VSORT page, ran by AFT & some RT longtime listeners, is still there for you to reminisce the good old days. I hope AFT would launch the Vintage Jukebox, which I’m looking forward to.

We wanna thank the staff & DJs of 99.5 RT for keeping us entertained & playing the best music for the past 4 years. It won’t be “Goodbye, RT”, but maybe like Ron Valentine said, “See you next time, RT”, or just like Lil Joey said, “RT, who knows, will pop out somewhere else”. RT will be gone, but not forgotten. To the new management of 99.5, good luck with your new brand tomorrow, notably Play FM. We’re looking forward to it.