99.5 RT will be gone… Again

The next generation on 99.5.

The next generation of 99.5.

After 4 years on air, 99.5 RT will wave goodbye to the airwaves (again) today. That is very sad news to us isn’t it? It was just last mid-October, when I realized that RT will rebrand into something else.

At that Saturday afternoon, I called Claude (one of the newbies of RT) and asked what happened to Logan, etc. Though he didn’t know much about what happened, since he checks in only during weekends, he just gave me a few details about it. Last Tuesday around mid-October, King DJ Logan resigned after The Disenchanted Kingdom‘s final episode. Too bad I didn’t catch it. Since then, Ron Valentine took over the slot. And last Saturday morning, during the final 24K Weekend, I called Ron Valentine and asked what recently happened. RT legendary DJ Jeremiah Junior took a break from radio since December, and that was why I haven’t heard from him since December 1st. He doubted that the new brand’s retro program would fall on a Saturday.

The daily shows had their finale last Friday. And the other weekly shows, notably Freeway Friday & New Wave Xtra, had their finale. Freeway Friday ended with Neil Young’s “Hey Hey, My My”. New Wave Xtra extended 1 hour during its finale, and ended with Pale Fountains’s “Thank You”.

I began listening to 99.5 RT since 2006, and at that time, 24K Friday was the program I listened to often. And since 2007, 99.5 has rebranded a few times, from Hit to Campus (both existed for a total of 1 1/2 years), and back to RT. Haven’t they got tired of changing brands? I’ve been into those brands. Hit is quite similar to RT, but it targeted to younger audiences. And when RT came back last 2008, it initially attempted to sound just like the old RT. But it changed over the next years. Since this year, I began making phone requests, which I do every 3 to 4 weeks, and I’m kinda used to it.

Well, it looks like today is RT’s last stand. RT’s 2nd incarnation is just short-lived. I thought that RT’s 2nd incarnation will stay for another 40 years or so. Well, it turned out to be that its new management will be rebranding 99.5. I can hear Koji on air during RT’s last hour. I know some of you listeners are disappointed about the change, but it has happened already. Look at the bright side, the VSORT page, ran by AFT & some RT longtime listeners, is still there for you to reminisce the good old days. I hope AFT would launch the Vintage Jukebox, which I’m looking forward to.

We wanna thank the staff & DJs of 99.5 RT for keeping us entertained & playing the best music for the past 4 years. It won’t be “Goodbye, RT”, but maybe like Ron Valentine said, “See you next time, RT”, or just like Lil Joey said, “RT, who knows, will pop out somewhere else”. RT will be gone, but not forgotten. To the new management of 99.5, good luck with your new brand tomorrow, notably Play FM. We’re looking forward to it.

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