The G Story: The story behind G Steps

February 24, 2013

99.5 RT was one of the pioneering stations, known for playing rare gems (notably The All Sports Band’s “Opposites Do Attract”), especially rare OPM. Some rare gems may not have its clear history & roots from its rare bands. The history of every rare gem and band may be told by the band itself or the DJs who have them airplayed or maybe, the producers of that song or people close to the band members. A few people in YouTube (who uploaded the song there), including me, had the chance to get the complete info about G Steps and their only song “Open Up”, thanks to one of its members, Ronald Tomas.

G Steps contained Geri Gatchalian on vocals, Janu Villanueva on guitar, Ronald Tomas on saxophone, Francis Etorma on keyboards, Junjun Perez on bass guitar and drums, and Thea Tadiar on backup vocals. They were friends when they were in college (UP Diliman), during the late 80s. At that time, they were performing in several variety shows in the campus circuit. One day, in 1990, Janu wrote a song called “Open Up”, and the other bandmates planned to record this song. So, Geri borrowed some studio time in Audio Captain (along  Pasong Tamo, Makati) to record the song. After they recorded it, the band gave it to 99.5 RT to have it airplayed.

This was supposed to be one of their last gigs all together because they sometimes see each other for some reasons. After this, Ronald left the group. However, the other members continued for a few more years. They never released another song after this. The members of G Steps nowadays are in their separate adventures. Ronald Tomas has his own band called Ronald Tomas Nonet, and this band still performs until today. The others are in their unknown whereabouts. “Open Up” was never released under any record company, but was airplayed over RT as one of its rare gems. Thanks to RT, we get to hear rare, but great OPM just like this one.