Big Punishments for Very Small Offenses

In every game, we play fair, we make fair decisions. However, there’s one thing that is not fair: getting a big punishment for such a very small offense.

Last March 3, former Petron Blaze import Renaldo Balkman went berserk and strangled his teammate Arwind Santos, after his team lost to Alaska. Days later, he was called to office by PBA commisioner Chito Salud. As a result, Salud banned Balkman from the league & gave him a big fine of P25K. He had such a good performance. He should’ve taken a chill. Banned for just strangling a teammate? That’s unfair. He should’ve given another chance.

Last April 17, Liverpool striker Luis Suarez bit his opponent, Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic, after he scored a tie, ending the game at 2-2. Days later, the Football Association (FA) banned Suarez for 10 games. Suarez’s attitude was worse than Balkman, giving him a small punishment, but not fair & small enough. He had bitten 2 players for the last 3 years. He should’ve given another chance, for the long past (his 1st bite) should be forgotten. Screw the FA personnel.

Biting & strangling are just very small offenses. But, beating up one’s teammate is a very big offense. Yet, associations ban players for even small offenses? What a shame, some commissioners of these associations don’t play fair at all or, in other words, they don’t make fair decisions. This kind of punishment (banning) would be more compatible if Balkman had thrown his temper by beating up Santos and/or Suarez had beaten up Ivanovic.

Screw Mr. Salud & the FA personnel. They should’ve thought clearly & fairly about their decisions. Those players (who had done only very small offenses) really need a second chance. Here’s an advice for sports commissioners out there, don’t be like Mr. Salud, who just threw away one of the best imports for just a very small offense. Please make fair decisions for hard-working players, especially for fans, commentators & other people to agree with.


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