The “New” Miley Cyrus

September 12, 2013

The “new” Miley Cyrus (Courtesy of Getty Images).

I’m not a fan of Miley Cyrus, but I was surprised of the “new” her. We knew her as a nice girl who used to be Hannah Montana & who was a good influence to kids. That was back in the day, but not anymore. This former Disney star, now 20, has taken a new challenge this year with her new attitude, her new hairdo, which looks like the one that Gwen Stefani had back in the 90s, & her new album “Bangerz”, which is set to be released this October.

And recently she’s on the hot seat. Well, it’s because of her recent performance at the VMA, wherein she was wearing flesh-coloured vinyl bikini while performing “Blurred Lines” with Robin Thicke. She was also twerking in front of the audiences & made fun of the #1 foam finger. In addition to that, she was trying hard to be like Lady Gaga in her performances. All the celebrities, including Will Smith & Rihanna, were very shocked about her performances. Some of her fans are dismayed with it. I got to admit, her performance was kinda absurd. On the funny side, some people made fun of her twerking through the power of memes. So, this probably means Gwen Stefani + Lady Gaga = “new” Miley Cyrus.

This doesn’t stop here. However, she has gone way too far with this next issue. Her MV for her latest single “Wrecking Ball” became a hit on YouTube’s Vevo in less than a day. The lyrics of the song was nice, it was co-written by her dad. However, despite that the MV was much of an art based on Miley’s imagination, the MV contains her licking a sledgehammer & swinging naked on the ball, making her look like a stripper in a club. She should’ve worn a flesh-colored outfit, which is kinda better, instead of being naked.

If Miley’s dad, Billy Ray, had only taught her to be a Rock star just like him and not to be a slut/copycat of Lady Gaga, then this twerking thing wouldn’t have happened. Some say that they like the “old” her rather than the “new” her and some say they like the opposite. Let’s face it. The Miley you used to see in Hannah Montana is not the “real” her. Besides, she was just acting there. This is the “real” Miley Cyrus. She’s a wild girl in real life. We may hate it, but we have to accept it. She’s a grown-up now, and whether we like it or not, she has the right to do anything she wants. And it seems that she’s partying harder this time, she wants to try a lot of bizarre stuff that some of the other artists do. Who knows? Probably, she’ll be the next Lady Gaga. The older she gets, the harder she’ll party. We’ll find out soon enough.