Exit Brian Griffin, Enter Vinny

In Family Guy’s latest episode, “Life Of Brian”, Brian Griffin died in a car accident. This turned out to be a very tragic climax of this episode. Stewie, Brian’s best friend, can’t accept the fact that he’s dead. I understand that he’s too young to lose a best friend. On the brighter side, after a month, the Griffins had brought a new dog, Vinny. It took time for Stewie to accept Vinny as a part of his family, when Vinny had the same situation as Griffins. His owner named Leo, died in a freak yoga accident.

Family Guy is known for its comedic scenes, wherein babies & animals also get to talk. But in this episode, things had been taken so seriously. It’s like losing your favorite pet, who got ran over & killed by a vehicle. Those feels. Executive producer Steve Callaghan & creator Seth McFarlane thought that Brian’s death was a “fun way to shake things up”. In other words, this season’s episodes’ ratings went down. So they thought that this tragic scene might help the series get back in track. At least, it’s safer than a human like Stewie getting killed. However, this episode returned with a lot of negative reactions & a petition to bring Brian back (I didn’t sign it because bringing him back may destroy McFarlane’s future plans). If you want to understand more about this, here’s Callaghan’s explanation to E! News about it.

Speaking of Vinny, this Italian pussyhound isn’t so bad at all. He’s somewhat like Brian. He seemed to go with Peter’s flow a first, as in drinking beer with him. This is what Peter was looking for, a dog “sounds like he went to college”. In other words, a dog who is witty & can talk, similar to Brian. According to Callaghan, say this pussyhound is a really good match for Stewie since both had experienced the same situation. And this new character is voiced by Tony Sirico of HBO’s The Sopranos. McFarlane was a big fan of that show, so he thought he could recruit Sirico to voice Vinny. And to reduce McFarlane’s time doing voice overs (aside from Brian, he also voices Peter & Stewie).

Vinny to Brian.

Vinny’s message to Brian.

To all the people who wanted Brian back: I know Brian is a funny dog & has been with the show for the past 12 seasons. We cannot please McFarlane and his crew to bring Brian back. Even if you beg them for a million times or make a petition to bring him back, they still won’t. It’s their decision, and you have to respect it, whether you like it or not. I know it’s hard to accept the truth that Brian is dead (I also didn’t like what happened), but this is the only choice. It’s time to forget the past & move on with its new episodes. Brian would be back, probably in a flashback episode. Just give Vinny a chance and everything will be fine. Who knows, you’ll soon like him as much as you like Brian. It’s either you go with the show’s flow or go fuck yourselves & watch The Simpsons instead. Your choice. A true fan of a TV show goes with the show’s flow (whether exciting or tragic) & gets used to new characters.

28 Responses to Exit Brian Griffin, Enter Vinny

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