Jeepney Diaries: Trip-Cutting in Antipolo

January 26, 2014

There are some drivers who are trip-cutting, which means that they’re not completing the route. In this part, I encountered jeepneys which usually travel from Antipolo to Tikling and asked the drivers the reason behind their trip-cutting.


Antipolo – Cubao: DGK 711

This driver doesn’t want to waste time on waiting for passengers on a particular stop along the way. He might end up having a few passengers on his way to Cubao (and back to Antipolo) and end up earning little money. So, he looked for a way to get more passengers and that was: looking for passengers in Tikling (Ironically, he hasn’t found much passengers on his way there, since I was the only passenger at that time). He told me, “Kani-kanilang diskarte yan sa pagbibiyahe.

He usually travels during the afternoons & evenings. He initially makes trips to Tikling, but makes 2 trips to Cubao during late evenings before he calls it a day. Hiring a “kundoktor” for his jeep or letting someone rent his jeep aren’t his cup of tea, since he knows the matrix. When traveling to Cubao, it depends on him if he wants to pass through Ortigas-Junction or Sumulong, since he considers his jeep a colorum.

Antipolo – Cubao: DFK 612

The driver whom I talked is one of the veteran drivers, who has been doing his job for the past 33 years. I think this may be his only living for his family. Sometimes, he drives. Sometimes, he doesn’t since he has experienced body aching from this job.

He usually travels during mornings & late afternoons to evenings. During late afternoons to evenings, he makes trips to Tikling (since at that time, his body was aching). But during mornings, he makes 2 trips to Cubao. Before, during mornings, he brings students to Fatima. Some drivers, whose jeepneys hold the same route as his, followed what he did. However, he stopped this because the OPSS got angry at him for this, since jeepneys, which hold the route “Antipolo-Marikina”, are allowed to do this job.

He doesn’t want to hire a driver to drive his jeep because they may not maintain his jeep and may earn more than him. He doesn’t even want to hire a kunduktor since he knows the matrix. Before, his jeep was assigned to pass through Ortigas-Junction. Nowadays, it is assigned to pass through Sumulong, since he gets passengers at Emerald Plaza.

Antipolo – Cubao: DHC 189
The driver whom I talked to is another veteran driver. He does trip-cutting, in order to avoid the traffic in Imelda Ave. and Marcos Hi-way. There are times when his back is aching.

He usually travels during mornings & late afternoons to evenings. During mornings, he makes trips to Cubao, via Junction. During late afternoons to evenings, he makes trips to Tikling. But, he’d travel to Cubao on his last trip, depending on his body condition.


Unfortunately, there was a colorum Jeepney, which used to hold the route Antipolo – Cubao (However, the Cubao sign was scrapped). Nowadays, I don’t see this running to Tikling anymore, not even in its garage near Tikling. Maybe, it was impounded. Now that’s good news.

Here’s what I learned from these drivers, to wrap things up. Some drivers tend to cut trips because:
*They experience body aching from driving too much. Hence, they know what’s right for them.
*They would end up with a few passengers when they reach their assigned destination. Operators, who are also drivers, never rent their jeep to any other driver because they might not take good care of them.

There’s a Part 2 of this post, wherein I encountered jeepneys from Shopwise. More of these to come soon…


Welcome 2014!

January 3, 2014

Let’s say Goodbye to the unlucky year 2013, and welcome 2014 with new hopes. 2013 has been an unlucky year for most of us. The year ended with 13, hence unlucky. We had faced a lot of hardships, which made problems worse. This year began with good luck, and ended with a lot of bad luck. Throughout this damn year, some people’s luck gets worse. I really don’t know anymore. Motherf███ 2013. A few days ago, I made a review on what happened in 2013. So, if you haven’t read it, then do so.

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,300 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 22 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Despite a good start, 2014 welcomed us with a lot of tragic accidents wherein people got injured from fireworks & bullets from nowhere. The number of these are higher than last year. Anyway, let us hope that 2014 will be a better year than 2013, with more good luck & less disasters. I hope you had a good start this 2014. Again, HAPPY NEW YEAR!