February’s Videoreak: Camera Crash

February 28, 2014

Camera falls from airplane and lands in pig pen


Jeepney Diaries: Trip-Cutting in Antipolo (Part2)

February 21, 2014

In my previous blog, I encountered jeepneys which usually travel from Antipolo to Tikling. In this part, I encountered those which usually travel from Shopwise to Tikling and asked the drivers the reason behind their trip-cutting.


Tanay – Cainta: DWG 821
During late afternoons to evenings, he makes trips from El Dorado to Tikling. But during mornings, he makes 3 trips from Teresa to Junction. He rarely makes trips to Tanay. He’s afraid he might end up having 2 or no passengers in his jeep once he reaches Junction or Tanay. So, he looked for a way to get more passengers and that was… looking for passengers in Tikling, who are bound for Shopwise & El Dorado, and have a hard time looking for jeeps bound for Morong/Tanay. He doesn’t even want to fall in line with the other jeepneys in a terminal in Junction to avoid fighting with the other drivers.

Tanay – Cainta: DWV 187
During late afternoons to evenings, he makes trips from Shopwise to Tikling (because he wants to, since he holds the franchise). But during mornings, he makes 4 trips from El Dorado to Junction (Nowadays, I see him traveling this route once during afternoons). He rarely makes trips to Tanay, notably during Sundays. He can’t travel to Tanay because it is a mountainous place, there are a few or no street lights along Provincial Rd. & Manila East Rd., in going there. Hence, he’s afraid he might have an accident there.

Antipolo – JRC: DDL 730
During mornings, he travels to JRC. But during afternoons & early evenings, he travels to Tikling. During this time, it’d be almost time for another driver to take his place. His jeep’s garage is a bit farther from Bayan, it takes him time to return there. So, he doesn’t want to waste time on traffic along Ortigas. Meanwhile, the other driver (operator) travels the full route during evenings.


Here’s what I learned from these drivers, to wrap things up. Some drivers tend to cut trips because:
*They would end up with a few passengers when they reach their assigned destination.
*The road they pass is somewhat dangerous & prone to accidents. (If that’s the case, then why have a franchise with a route which passes within that area. What a waste of franchise.)
*And when it’s almost time for them to turn their jeep over to another driver.

More of these to come soon, but this time in other places…