My visit to 99.5 Play FM

I was supposed to post this in my Multiply page a year ago. However, Multiply closed down before I published it. Too bad I forgot to save a copy of it in my computer. But, I think I can still remember what I wrote. Anyway, here it goes.


My temporary gate pass.

My temporary gate pass.

I decided to visit Play FM’s booth during Play FM’s 2nd week. This was the time when the booth still had the RT wallpaper. Back in my senior year, my classmates & I had a field trip inside GMA 7, There, we visited its 7 studios & the booths of DZBB & LS. And this influenced me to visit a few stations.

It was one Tuesday (12/18/12) when I visited Play FM’s booth after my finals in Chem. This was my 1st time visiting a radio booth alone. I dropped by Robinson’s Pioneer, had lunch at KFC & looked for a phone booth so I could call Play FM. At that time, Jing Jamlang was on the air. So I called him up and asked if I could visit the booth. Eventually, he said yes & gave me instructions on how to get to their booth (since I’m a 1st timer). Paragon Plaza is just around 600 m away from Robinson’s Pioneer, and I have no problem walking that far.

Jing Jamlang, who used to board from 2pm - 6pm.

Jing Jamlang, who used to board from 2pm – 6pm.

As I entered Paragon Plaza, I exchanged my ID for the building pass & proceeded to the room. I felt nervous when I entered Play FM’s booth. Luckily, Jing welcomed me to the booth & had an off-the-air chat about what has happened. The reason why RT rebranded to Play FM is that the management thought that the latter brand would sell better. He used to co-host with other DJs, notably with Sam & Gibb, but he told me he was more comfortable being solo in a show. He used to be known as Dirty J, but he changed his name to Jing because the management wanted the DJs to have a cleaner name to attract the youngsters, the same as Claude, who used to be known as Jack Master 8 (which sounds close to – you know what I mean). He also told me what happened to the other RT DJs.

  • Gibb was semi-retired, but is still working.
  • Neil Almighty works with TV5 as one of the announcers.
  • Koji Moralez became program director of Play FM.
  • Ron Valentine took a vacation.
  • King DJ Logan is now with Wave 891.
  • Marf works as an event host (If I wasn’t mistaken).
  • Jeremiah Junior is still working in his production house.

I also got to see Sponge Cola’s Yael Yuzon & the people from Resorts World Manila, who were also guests in the booth to promote a concert in the said place.

Jing Jamlang, Sponge Cola's Yael Yuzon & the crew of Resorts World (Courtesy of Play FM)

Jing Jamlang, Yael Yuzon of Sponge Cola & the crew of Resorts World (Courtesy of Play FM)

Once Jing was done with his show, he told me that I could visit the booth anytime. While Inka was on her way to the booth, I had a brief chat with Vica, one of the Farmers of RT, who was also in the booth with Jing. She told me about the changes in the playlist; the management phased out the rare songs played in RT in favor of mainstream ones. They used to have a few tracks from Foster The People; now, they only have Pumped Up Kicks. Fortunately, I had Vica play that track for me since she was responsible for taking care of the playlist while Inka wasn’t around yet.


Inka, who used to board from 2pm – 6pm. Now, she boards in the morning with her brother, Renzo.

A few minutes after 2, Inka came to the booth for her 4-hour boardwork. She just came from her shopping spree. In the long run, she asked me my name & told me more info about Play FM. She described it as the young version of Magic, in terms of playlist and demographics. (Inka jokingly cried when I thought it was a clone of Magic.) Speaking of demographics, the station targets mostly teens (ages 13 – 21). It consists of young DJs, notably the junior jocks from Magic & the Farmers from the defunct RT, in which some of them board during weekends. Hence, its brand name, in a way that “the DJs want to play with you”.

I also asked her what Jeremiah Junior has been doing lately. He works at a production house during weekdays &, now that he’s not with RT anymore, takes a rest during weekends. While off the air, she & Vica talked about a lot of things, including her question of the day which involves the girl in her car encountering her crush, her friend & an old lady.

Before I left the booth, Inka asked me about my school life. When I told her I’m a █████n, she even told me that her boyfriend’s dad was a graduate of that school. I even told her that I’m smart with a wise approach (talino na may diskarte). She told me that I could come back to the booth anytime. And this visit just made my day.


This has happened 1 1/2 years ago. With the success of visiting 99.5 Play FM, I also planned to visit 2 other stations last year. Nonetheless, they turned to be unsuccessful for some reasons. In my next blog, I’ll be writing about my visit to Wave 891, which happened last year.


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