The “New” Fred

August 18, 2014

FRED is a YouTube character known for his high-pitched voice and his crazy actions. It was created by Lucas Cruikshank, who also portrayed him. Last 2008, he was the 1st YouTuber to hit 1 million Subscribers.

Last August 5, we expected Lucas for a comeback as Fred. Instead, a Korean kid now portrays as this beloved. And what’s shocking is that this channel is now “owned” by Yuksung Corporation, which is involved in construction, financial services, discount product manufacturing, prison management, chemical production, novelty breakfast cereals, and children’s entertainment. This NEW Fred claims to be Crazier, Better, More Hyper & More Squeaky. However, his new videos are just remakes of Fred’s old videos, with the promotion of Yuksung Cereal. In the 1st video, 83% of the viewers (in terms of likes) do not like the New Fred. They say it’s not funny anymore & they decided to unsubscribe to that channel since Yuksung ruined the character people love.

A lot of speculations have been around the internet. Some people say that Fred’s channel was hacked by Yuksung. Some say that Lucas sold Fred to Yuksung because he’s too old to make those kinds of videos. Lucas stated in a Q&A video that he wants to make more Fred videos, but he “doesn’t” know the password and he denied that he has been hacked. I searched for info about Yuksung Corporation and I realized that it does not exist at all. Its website was registered in the middle of June with copy-paste pictures. It’s more like YUCKsung.

Secret code from Fred.

Recently, Lucas posted in his Facebook page a letter from Fred, which contains a secret code that leads to a private video. In that video, Fred explained that he’s kidnapped by some Korean and he needs help from Lucas. So, this means Lucas may be trolling on us all along. Let’s just wait & see what will happen to the Original & New Fred in the future episodes. I hope this New Fred won’t last long.


Wish Granted from 107.5

August 12, 2014

107.5 Wish FM

Last August 10, UNTV granted us a wish for a new station called 107.5 Wish FM. This took place through a “Wish Concert” at the World Trade Center, where it featured various OPM Bands, grants wishes from a lot of people and introduced its radio bus, among other events. This new station plays mostly oldies & less of 2000s music, much similar to 100.3 RJFM. It is manned by DJs we’re familiar with, notably Hill Billy Willy (of 93.9 WKC & RJFM; I used to listen to him when I was in Grade School), Jelly Kiss (of 7.9 Home Radio as Alex), Uncle Harry (of 91.5 Big Radio as Brother Bear, 97.1 Brgy. LS as Papa Bear & Bombo Radyo Naga), Princess, Alice,  & Flynn Rider. The surprisingly good thing about this station is that, the DJs speak in English. These DJs grant your wishes or requests, hence the name.

This is the 3rd time 107.5 has rebranded. From 1987 – 2010, it used to be NU 107, one of the very popular stations in the metro which played rock music & promoted local bands to the music scene. This station continued the journey of WXB 102, a New Wave station which went off air back in 86. In 2010, Manny Luzon (the brainchild of Love Radio & Energy FM) killed NU in favor of Win Radio, a Hot AC station which didn’t include “double meaning” songs & green talk & set a trend in the Hot AC Market. He even claimed that Stations can’t serve one menu a day, meaning that a station can’t play music from only 1 genre. This only lasted for 4 years, though it had performed quite well that it ranked #7 in the FM radio ratings. Last June, Daniel Razon’s BMPI took over 107.5 upon UNTV‘s 10th (supposedly 13th) anniversary. A few days later, Win Radio moved to 91.5 (formerly Big Radio). It was initially

This is also a wish come true that 107.5 exited from the Hot AC market. It looks like this is another RJFM in the making, in terms of its playlist. It plays a variety of 70s, 80s & 90s, as well as the 2000s. At least this is way better than Win Radio. Now that Wish FM’s pilot broadcast was indeed a success, let’s wish them luck during its succeeding days.