October’s Videobreak: 9+10

October 31, 2014

A man calls his son stupid for getting a simple math question wrong.



Retro 105.9 Gets Stronger

October 29, 2014

Retro 105.9 has proved to be a huge success, 6 months after its debut last March 28. Nowadays, older people are getting hooked to this station. As a result, this affects the classic programming of CHR stations in the metro. A majority of them phased out much of their 80s playlist & began focusing on the 90s & beyond. Aside from the changes, Retro faces new competition with a few stations. Since this August. 103.5 KLite was revamped for the 3rd time as a “younger” Retro, playing only 90s & early 2000s music. (It doesn’t make much sense if KLite is dubbed as The Official “Take Me Back” Station. It’d be better if they dub themselves as The Official 90s Station.) Wish 107.5 was launched & is much of another RJ in the making, playing songs from the 70s to today.

Before I talk about Retro’s big change, I’ll explain some of its additional changes for the past 6 months. After Holy Week, it began playing some OPM. It also launched SRO (Saturdays Retro On Stage), wherein live performances from various bands perform, hosted by The Triggerman & a particular guest DJ. Since August, JJ Sparx turned his morning program to a talk-oriented show, probably to compete with other stations with talk-oriented programs during mornings & to attract more listeners. Newscaster Karen & another chick Anjanette (from Citylite 88.3) joined his crew. Last September, all the DJs, including Joshua (who was usually a pinch-hitter), had 3 hours of airtime 6 days a week. And Jimmy Jam has a new segment, wherein he features remixes from various DJs.


Last October 20, a lot of changes occurred. The DJs are back to their 4-hour boardwork. Its classy stingers were phased out in favor of modern ones. Cris Cruise (who used to be with Kiss FM 101.1 & NU107) is now the station manager/consultant. And what’s surprising is that 2 DJs have joined the family. King DJ Logan (who used to be with Citylite 88.3, 93.9 KCFM, Magic 89.9, 103.5 Max FM, 99.5 RT, & recently Wave 89.1) takes over the mornings with The Morning Show of Mass Destruction. It’s not actually his 1st time to do a morning show (Though it’s his 1st time to be in a booth w/ windows). He used to host on Magic’s morning show back in the early 2000s, Max FM’s Morning Zoo Crew & RT’s Disenchanted Kingdom was initially aired during mornings. He is as talkative as The Triggerman, his topics are more interesting than JJ Sparx’s. Based on the 7 stations mentioned, PBA scribe & sportswriter James Ty III describes KDL as a well-traveled DJ (KDL used to say this when he used to be part of BNO), just like a journeyman in basketball. I gotta admit, he’s got a good playlist. I can remember back when he used to be with RT, he used to sit in during 24K Weekend around twice. Sgt. Pepper (who used to be with Magic 89.9 & 103.5 Max FM, where he used to be its station manager) takes over the evenings. He was known as the pioneer of Magic’s Friday Madness, back before RT’s 24K came along. Hence, he also has a good playlist. Aside from the new DJs, they have a new program called Retro Discoteria (which used to be heard on Max FM), which features club mixes from the 70s, 80s to 90s, manned by abt.DJs. This airs during Saturday nights, competing with Nino Belza’s Club Rewind on KLite. It kinda reminds me of his 24K In The Mix on RT, though.

These result to the change in the Weekday schedule of other DJs. Joshua takes care of the midday, Jimmy Jam is now back to his afternoon slot (he used to board during evenings) & Andy Tuna boards on an earlier (late night) timeslot. During Weekends, the veterans take over. From Rudolph Rivera in the morning (he was the morning man back in his WKC days), The Triggerman in the midday (he used to board during noon back in his Campus Radio days), to Joey Pizza in the afternoon. Looks like we’ll get to hear the Top 20 @ 12 during weekends only. So, it seems that JJ Sparx (and Anjenette) disappeared from radio once again for some unknown reasons. Listeners said that JJ’s topics/debates were pathetic, lame & a bit boring (in their opinion, though).


Retro is getting stronger with its recent changes & improvements, now that it’s entering a new competition. Like I said before, this is way better than RJ. With its new weekday line-up, KLite is its nearest competitor. If the latter 3 DJs had been retained, then RJ would still have been its nearest competitor. It’s good to hear KDL & The Sarge back on air once again. With these changes, I’m very sure this station will last for a very long time.

September’s Videoreak: Cartoon Gang

October 6, 2014

In Russia, A group of people wearing cartoon costumes gang up on a guy.