25 Signs That You’re a Mapuan From Intramuros

As a Mapuan, I’ve encountered most of these signs. Just in case you don’t know how life of a Mapuan goes like, then my batchmate says it all in his blog.

A Beautiful Diversion

1. You know who Blondie is.

And her BAT or Blondie Added Tax. So prepare your extra money when buying at the bookstore if she’s the cashier.

2. CPR is definitely different from Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.

You know those 200 items of pure solving? Yeah. We have those here in Mapua Intra.

3. You sang the MIT hymn because you have no ID.

You got stopped by the guard and he/she let you keep your ID but in return you gotta sing the Mapuan Hymn.

Don’t deny that the only lyrics you know are: “For the M, and the I, and the T!!!”

4. It’s always rush hour at 4th floor West Building.

No matter what time it is, that floor looks like the personification of EDSA.

5. You miss the South entrance.

Remember those good ol’ days when you were a frosh and you’ll sit by the seats at the entrance? Yeah. I do…

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