Home Radio Back On Track

April 15, 2015
97.9 Home Radio (FB)

97.9 Home Radio

Recently this year, 97.9 Home Radio is back to its old identity (sort of). It turns out that the station failed to attract the masses, like any other mass-based stations do. It took around a year for it to find its right place. Besides, entering the competition will not always make one successful.

March last year, Home Radio revamped as a mass-based station, with its slogan Natural. At that time, it was manned by the same DJs, this time with their names lifted from fruits (Ex.: Rico Mango). Just like any other mass-based station, it aired Rock during weekday afternoons & Oldies during Sundays, and it also had its own jingle. After Holy Week, the management did away with the “Home Radio” brand in favor of its slogan. Later on, they fired all the female DJs and replaced them with other male ones, notably Braggy (who used to be with WLS FM). Towards the end of the year, management realized that the station didn’t click that well, having a hard time to beat Love & MOR. So, they decided to bring back the “Home Radio” brand & slowly began its transition to a CHR. At this point, much of its programming changed, DJs were using Taglish & its playlist is very similar to any other CHR station.

This year, the station was still in transition. DJs are now using English and did away with the fruit tags in their names (Ex.: Johnny from Juan Banana). In addition to that, it also launched its own weekly countdown, H20, retro-oriented program, The Vault, and house program The Pit. (The latter 2 were cancelled after Holy Week.), and it also hired Castri Cabatay, football player from Pilipinas Aguilas. After Holy Week, Home Radio is now a CHR station once again. It adapted another slogan Be You, its jingle was dumped, and most of its stingers resemble of the ones which were used during the automation-era. Prior to last year’s revamp, Cebu’s & Davao’s Home Radio used to be CHR stations, dubbing themselves as Home of the Hottest Hits, and both of them were successful.

In my opinion, Home Radio doesn’t fit as a mass-based station at all. Instead of venturing to a market full of competition and ending up losing in the long run, it should’ve revamped as a CHR station in the 1st place (like the ones in Cebu & Davao before) & faced very little competition. Now that it’s back on track, let’s hope that Home Radio will be successful in the long run.