What If The Beatles Hadn’t Broken Up


The Beatles during their photoshoot for Lady Madonna. (Photo courtesy of: Misanthrope)

There are a lot of causes which result to the Break-up of The Beatles in ’70, notably Brian Epstein’s death, Yoko Ono’s involvement &, most of all, The White Album. In my opinion, their study in Transcendental Meditation affected their minds, especially Jon Lennon’s, resulting into their waning interest in performing together & fight over creative differences.

After reading about it, something popped up in my mind. What if they hadn’t broken up? What if they didn’t go to India to study Transcendental Meditation in the first place? Things would’ve been more OK for them.

They would’ve had planned a comeback tour, maybe in several Pubs in UK & Europe, and sang a bulk of songs from Revolver to Magical Mystery Tour, especially to promote Lady Madonna. Their song list would’ve sounded like this:

  1. Paperback Writer
  2. And Your Bird Can Sing
  3. Good Day Sunshine
  4. Mr. Taxman
  5. With A Little Help From My Friends
  6. Lucy in The Sky with Diamonds
  7. Getting Better
  8. I Am The Walrus
  9. Your Mother Should Know
  10. Baby, You’re A Rich Man
  11. Ticket To Ride
  12. Day Tripper
  13. Lady Madonna
  14. Hey Bulldog
  15. Hello Goodbye (or Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band Reprise)

During breaks in between tour dates, they would’ve had written less than 20 songs. And they would’ve had released a “neat” single album containing those, rather than a double album containing mostly solo work. They would’ve even had launched Apple as an EMI subsidiary: an outlet for their future releases. John would’ve had remained friends with Yoko & retained his relationship with with Cynthia, and his friendship with Paul would’ve lasted much longer. The songwriting pair would’ve appreciated George’s written songs as well.

As a fan of the world’s most popular band, this is how I thought The Beatles would’ve had lasted a bit longer, maybe until the mid-70s or so. Just my two cents, so please respect my post.


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