H-Town About Wave’s Crisis

If you thought low ratings are the reason why Wave reformatted a few times, think again. H-Town sent a statement on From The Tube about Wave 89.1‘s crisis.

I found this article while researching. I’m very amazed at how you guys have followed Wave. Unfortunately, a lot of the speculations with Wave and stories that you guys have heard are pretty. The reason Wave reformatted before was because of politics and crab mentality. Wave never had a problem with keeping up with the market. Our ratings were very high when I was OIC of Wave. The Tsunamix was our main brand and gave property of live mixing and the streets and clubs. Someone told me meron lang nagselos and siniraan ako. I appreciated that. It put everything into perspective.

Anyways, I was asked to come back, but I believe Sarge will do great with Wave, and I will be supporting that because I’m looking at the greater and bigger picture. Please stay tuned and see what will happen. While I’m working on opening my own international stations, I am working with Sarge helping him take Wave to great heights. Something Great is happening. Thank you for your continued support and I would love to meet you guys sometime.


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