Election 2016

May 8, 2016

Election 2016 (Rappler)

Election is just around the corner. However, before & during every campaign, there are a lot of issues involving electoral fraud, notably the top 3 methods for people to vote for the wrong candidates.

  • Vote misreading is a way of manipulating the results, notably exchanging results of, for example, 2 mayoral candidates.
  • Vote buying is a way of buying someone’s vote for a candidate to win and is paid through money.
  • Misinformation is a way of giving rumors to people about a candidate, urging them to vote for the other candidate, and is done through text and PM.

Political dynasties are still one of the issues here in the Philippines, wherein political families control a particular city and/or province. They may not die, but they may probably multiply in the next terms. Examples are Ynareses of Rizal, Binays of Makati, and Ejecrcitos of San Juan & Laguna. As stated in Article II, Section 26 of the 1987 Philippine Constitution, “The State shall guarantee equal access to opportunities for public service, and prohibit political dynasties as may be defined by law.” Nonetheless, this rule was never followed in some provinces & towns because of Oligarchy, causing corruption in this government.

A lot of candidates were too excited to campaign. They’d start campaigning as early as the June last year, with posters containing their faces hanging along the streets.


ER Ejercito kicked out as Laguna Governor

ER Ejercito was disqualified as Governor of Laguna over campaign overspending. Instead of spending the usual P4.5 million for his campaign, he spent P6 million. ER vowed to his supporters that he’ll return this election. And he did.

Jun Binay kicked out as Makati Mayor

Jun Binay was suspended by the Ombudsman as Mayor of Makati over the overpriced construction of the Makati Science High School Building & Makati City Hall Building II & 7 administrative cases, for grave misconduct & dishonesty. In addition to that, Binay was barred from running again. After all, it can’t be only Binay who can rule the city.

Kid Pena was recruited as acting mayor & is now running against Jun’s sister & Makati 2nd District Representative Abby Binay. Pena should put an end to the Binay dynasty, since he’s the only hope for the Makatenos.

Mar Roxas’ 1st campaign video

This campaign video received mostly negative response from netizens, who thought their taxes were spent for this ad. It is no surprise PNoy & Mar were heavily criticized & overcriticized since the Pork Barrel issue.

Anti-Duterte ad

This ad advices people not to vote for Presidential candidate Rody Duterte for lack of discipline. This was created by VP candidate Sonny Trillanes, who didn’t spend his money for his own ad. It’s kinda ironic, isn’t it? For the past few weeks, Trillanes fired shots at Duterte for the latter’s bank accounts & lots he owns all over the country.

Name confusion in Antipolo

Another “Puto” Leyva is running for mayor of Antipolo against incumbent mayor Jun Ynares & vice mayor Ronaldo Leyva. Mario Boyet Leyva, who’s probably an ally of Ynares, is the candidate behind the fake “Puto” & is running to confuse voters & prevent the real Puto from winning. Good thing Ronaldo Leyva’s party took note of this.


Anyway, it’s a tough competition between Roxas, Duterte (DU30), Poe, Binay & Santiago in winning the Presidency, and between Robredo, Cayetano, Escudero, Honasan, Marcos & Trillanes  in winning the Vice Presidency. Duterte supporters are the loudmounths, from anti-crime to trashtalking, relying on him to eliminate crime in less than half a month & insulting supporters of other candidates (notably the pro-Roxas). Meanwhile, Santiago supporters are the silent & smart ones, notably the students.

Don’t deal with vote buying and misinformation. If you want change, you need to change for the country as well. Don’t rely on your chosen candidate to make the change. It is you to decide on what’s best for the country. So, this election, VOTE WISELY.