Kaibigan Ng Masa: Remembering DZXQ 1350

November 9, 2017

Back in High School, I was surfing through the end of the AM spectrum. And one of the stations I discovered was DZXQ 1350. This station wasn’t like any other station which offers brokered programming, since its timeslots were fully occupied from morning to midnight (except Sunday). Its pre-recorded timechecks used for the top and middle of every hour had bells ringing on them. It had its own set of stingers, assigned for Either before and after a particular program. I used to own a recording of most of its stingers, but I lost them since the hardware where they were located was destroyed.

It didn’t have its own online streaming until around mid-2010, when it began streaming via UStream.


DZXQ was the home of Powerhouse Broadcasters, coined by Nar Pineda for most of the veteran commentators who went on air during weekdays. They are Roger “Bomba”¬†Arienda, Robert Arienda, Nick Tolentino (As I See It), Annie Rentoy, Horacio “Ducky” Paredes (Deretsahan), Zosimo Paredes, Rolly Canon (Kanyon), Ruben Ilagan, Popo Villanueva (Kayo Na Po Ang Bahala), Roland Lumagbas (Hataw ng Bayan), Ben Figura (Misyon Aksyon Ngayon), Sixto “Kilatis” Lagare, Erick San Juan (Whistleblower) and Nar Pineda (Kape at Kuru Kuro). And what’s also interesting is that Kape at Kuru Kuro had 2 editions. And every evening, DZXQ was known for airing Chinese programming until sign off, making it the only station in the Metro to do so. I still don’t know where management got their programming.

Sunday is the only day the station had the lightest load. After a program or two, it’d sign off early. And it was pretty convenient for them. There was a time when it had a lot of programs, including What A Wonderful Show, Moral Force Radio & By Request, and it’d sign off at around 3pm. From what I remembered, Salita ng Buhay is the only consistent Sunday program throughout the station’s final years.

Every morning before signing on at 6:30, it played music of the 70s & 80s as part of its warm-up. And most of the time, it played a ton of Carpenters music.


In early March 2011, I wasn’t aware that DZXQ went off the air a few days ago until I heard Nar’s voice on DWSS. I called DZXQ’s office regarding that matter and they told me that it was bought by another company. I even left a comment on Ducky Paredes’ website regarding that matter and emailed me his (and the other commentators’) new schedule on DWSS. Since then, I realized that most of the broadcasters were moved to DWSS.

DZXQ remained off the air for unknown reasons until around December 2011, when I heard UNTV’s Ang Dating Daan on that frequency. It turned out that UNTV bought the frequency and launched its own AM station,¬†Radyo La Verdad, a couple of months later. I just wished that DZXQ would’ve lasted longer.