Remembering DXRJ 1476

February 15, 2018

Back in summer of 2010, I was searching for AM stations from Mindanao through eRadioPortal. And I discovered DXRJ 1476, a sister station of RJFM broadcasting from Iligan. It rarely went under the brand Radyo Asenso, which is the brand used by RadioCorp for all of its stations, and they weren’t affiliated with each other. Until now, I don’t know much about the history of this station. It probably was on air since the 80s. Anyway, here’s my listening experience on the now-defunct DXRJ.


I was an occasional listener of DXRJ since that summer. And that’s where I learned a lot of Bisayan words. There was a time when I didn’t get to sleep just to wait for it to sign on. That time, I was finishing my homework. It even opened its own UStream channel around late 2011, so we listeners would know what was happening inside their booth. Since then, I was more hooked on to its UStream than eRadioPortal.

DXRJ Booth

Booth of DXRJ (via UStream).

It signed on at around 2:30am and signs off at around 10:30pm, though there were times where, at around 10pm, it’d simulcast the feed of Voice of America. Ramon Jacinto’s Philippines, My Philippines was its sign-off song. And it even has around 20 SIDs. It aired hourly newscasts only during mornings, including its half-hour newscast at 7am. The name of its morning show was based from ABSCBN’s AM stations, I’m sure you know what I mean. It also had a show dedicated to its listeners called the DXRJ Fans Club. And it had a few shows which serve the community of Iligan, inculding City Hall Reports.


Back in mid-2013, they didn’t go on air, even on UStream & eRadioPortal. Later on, I realized that it closed shop at that time for unknown reasons. Recently, an RJFM relay station was opened in Iligan via 88.7 MHz (close to the frequency of its other relay in CDO). And the rest is history.