Life As A Radio Observer

February 16, 2015

When I was young, I was interested in a lot of things. Aside from being interested in Jeepneys (which led me to be a patokista), Computers, Computer Games (which made me take up CPE), Cartoons & Comics (which made me create my own comic, but cancelled it during Senior year for reasons), I was also interested in Radio.

In this blog, I’ll talk about my observation on the radio. I know it may be boring, since this post is very long, but you’ll know how my taste of music rides along with the stations I used to listen to back in the day.


It started when I was in Grade School. Almost every night, on my way home, my mom & I were tuned in to Citylite 88.3. I was tuned in to DM 95.5 & RJFM. Back in the day, DM played a whole lot of classic hits during evenings & the entire Saturday. RJ plays mostly classic hits & made me gain interest with the Beatles (which I’m a fan of since 4th Grade). During Christmas of 2004, I received a radio for my gift. From then on I was addicted to it, especially when I was doing my homework. In early 2006, I began listening to the legendary 99.5 RT. It was known for playing the hits first than the other stations in the metro. But, I was after its 24K Friday, wherein it played classic hits, especially songs only heard on that station before, every Friday. The same year, I began listening to 923 Joey, only for Solid 70s & Totally 80s, which aired back-to-back during Saturday nights. In late 2006, after singing a rap song with one of my friends, I began listening to Blazin’ 105.9. Despite growing interest in Hip Hop, it closed shop around 3 months later. Aside from that, at that time, I was also occasionally hooked up to Campus Radio 97.1 & 103.5 K-Lite.


2007 was the year of change for Philippine radio. DM was gone, Blazin’ was gone, Joey became X, RT became Hit, K-Lite became Heart & Campus became Brgy. LS. Since DM went off the air, I often find myself listening to Hit FM, which is much similar to Magic. And it played classic hits (this time from 80s & 90s) every Wednesday. The first time I listened to Brgy. LS, was around 2 days after Valentine’s day, the day Campus changed format from CHR to Hot AC. I hated it at first, but slowly began liking it because the Campus jocks were still there (but with different names). Every other morning, I’d wake up listening to Barako Jones (Braggy), especially saying “magandang” many times. Going back to Hit, last September, Hit brought back 24K Friday, but this time it played only 80s & some 70s. While its Saturday program, #1 Hit Weekend, played only 90s. 2 days earlier, the morning jocks mentioned those after I realized there was no more Old School Wednesday. This lasted until November, when it phased out 24K in favor of the #1 Hit, which kinda disappointed me. Early that year, I was also occasionally tuned in to 96.3 WRock, notably during Friday Classics & Past Dance, and 107.9 Underground Radio.

In early 2008, I began listening to Max FM (which was formerly Heart), just for Carl McFly’s Back In The Day Café, a weeknight program airing classic hits. I stopped listening to Brgy. LS when I realized Enriquez fired most of its old jocks in favor of a “better” team & its format became worse. Like I said, I only liked it as long as the Campus jocks were still there. It wasn’t over for them, as they resurfaced on 99.5 as Campus FM. From its pilot broadcast, I was often tuned in to it. In the mid-year, one of my parents confiscated my radio for often leaving it on overnight. However, this didn’t stop me from observing radio. Mid-august was the time I realized that it was Campus no more, which happened a few days ago. So, on the 1st of September, I was surprised to hear that 99.5 RT was back. I got to listen to its pilot broadcast, even on my way to school. I even heard 2 versions of I Kissed A Girl/Boy. I had another chance to experience this station. And I even got to hear the pilot broadcast of 24K Weekend, which is cool. From its pilot broadcast, I was often tuned in to it.

In early 2009, I began listening to 106.7 Dream FM,  notably during Early Years & Decadance (I never miss a single episode). During mid-May, I was surprised that WRock became Easy Rock. Last September, RT underwent some changes. Joshua Z & The Brewrats left in favor of U92, a VJ-manned station of MTV which started airing the next month. In return, RT saw the comeback of King DJ Logan & Jeremiah Junior (who used to be part of the original RT). After Ondoy, I only realized that WRR was gone. Good thing I got to listen to the launch of Tambayan.

In mid-2010, I only realized that Max FM was gone in favor of a Hot AC station, which launched last August. Around October, I was shocked that NU107 would close shop the next month, though I rarely listen to that. Good thing I recorded its last minutes on air. And the next day, Radyo5 signed on for the 1st time. Coincidence, I think not. Looks like another Hot AC brand, Win Radio, entered the market the other day, and I don’t like it.

In early 2011, I began to tune in to Easy Rock.  At that time, it used to have a very good playlist, just like WRock. But in June, it made some changes to its playlist, which made me listen to the station less.  During Summer, I was happy that 95.5 would go back on air, but with a new name, Pinas FM. It is manned by mostly veterans from the Pinoy Radio roster. Despite the changes, I still got to listen to its Rock program & Retro Friday. Around late May, I just realized that Energy FM would sign off on 91.5 & move to a “higher” frequency on July. Good thing I recorded its last minutes on air. I didn’t expect another Hot AC station to air at that frequency. Anyway, I was even surprised that Dream FM closed shop to give way to Energy FM last July 1. No wonder I heard the same mixes on Decadance for the 1st 3 Fridays of that month. Around July, when UR 105.9 moved online, a new Jazz station was born, and that is Radio High 105.9. This station has 15-minute segments, which feature a specific genre, whether Jazz, New Age, Standards, OPM, Retro or Remakes. I often listen to it, notably for its High on the 70s, 80s & 90s. Since late this year, I began making phone calls during 24K Weekend, wherein I requested JJ for at most 3 songs & sometimes we talked about some things related to radio.

During Summer of 2012, Energy FM made some changes in its Weekend programming. It’d play 80s & 90s during Saturdays, and 60s & 70s during Sundays, which. At this time, I realized that Energy FM has a more vast Retro playlist than any Hot AC station in the Metro. So, I’d occasionally listen to it, along with 24K. However, when June came, it’d play a mix of 70s, 80s & 90s on those days. And around early September, that programming was reduced to only Sundays. In May, my interest in Hip Hop grew once again. So, I began listening to Wave 891, notably for its Wave Back Wednesday, where it plays Old School music. In June, Easy Rock made some changes to its playlist again. Its Friday Classics began playing Rock & Dance music, including some songs which I used to hear during All Day Easy. And it downsized its All Day Easy playlist to make it sound similar to Love Radio’s. At the end of this year, I stopped listening to this station. In short, I’m tired of listening to the same set of songs 2 to 3 times everyday. In October, I was very surprised that RT would be off the air again that month. It turned out that it’d be in transition for the time being, with some of the veteran DJs replaced with Junior DJs. December was really the time RT would be off the air. During its last 24K, I called some DJs not just to request for a song just like I usually did, but to also know what’d happen to RT. I didn’t get to listen to its last minutes & record it, since I surprisingly took a deep sleep. Regrets. Good thing I got to listen to the pilot broadcast of 99.5’s new brand called Play FM. I listened to it on my way to school & on my way home. I even got a glimpse on its midweek program called Playback, where it plays mid 90s to mid 2000s music. No 80s music. I was expecting a program which is similar to 24K, though. At this time, I began listening to 105.1 Crossover, notably for its Crossover Weekend, where it plays Retro music. It reminds me of my younger years. Going back to Play FM, I finally visited its booth during its 2nd week on the air. I originally planned to visit when RT still existed, but my finals week was the only time available.

2013, I was kinda uncomfortable since RT’s demise. After around 4  months of listening to Play, I lost interest in it because of the DJs I know left & I realized that this station is not for my taste of music. Last Summer, I realized that Energy FM would revive its Retro programming. Same format as before, but only during Weekend mornings hosted by Kenji. In mid-2013, when I realized that Mr. FU would return to Energy FM, I thought that it’s a sign that Wow FM would end soon. And I was right. Last August marked the return of K-Lite. I got to listen to its pilot broadcast, even on my way to school, and I find it OK.

On March 2014, I was surprised that a new station would invade the metro, which would replace Radio High. Come the end of that month, Retro 105.9 was born. This station plays only Retro music, this is kinda better than RJFM. I got to listen to its pilot broadcast. I even get to listen to the veteran DJs once again. From then on, I often listen to this station. I can say this station is just right for my taste of music.

Until now, I occasionally observe the FM waves. So, I can say that the list goes on and on.


Mid-2007 was the time I began listening to AM. At first, I often listened to DWIZ 882 & GVAM 792 (which is from Pampanga). I also monitored the stations beyond 1000 KHz, notably DWDD, DWBL, DZXQ, DZJV & DWSS (which played mostly music before than today). In 2009, I found myself listening to DZXQ at often times.

Back in early March 2011, I was surprised that DZXQ went off the air. So, I called its office to ask why. And someone replied, someone bought the station. I even asked Horacio Paredes (who used to work with that station) via email. And he responded through 2 of his articles in Abante. He said that most of his mates are now with DWSS.

From this point, I rarely listen to the AM Band, though I’d sometimes listen to DWSS (via Internet).


Time to wrap things up. I’m quite different from any other people from my generation, who like & enjoy today’s music. Since Grade School, I’m more into Retro music, especially Classic Rock, Dance & New Wave. Sometimes, I’m into Hip Hop, whether Old School or New School. My radio observation kinda reflects on the type of music I listen to. And, this is the time I realize that music of the late 20th century sounds way better than today’s music.


Wish Granted from 107.5

August 12, 2014

107.5 Wish FM

Last August 10, UNTV granted us a wish for a new station called 107.5 Wish FM. This took place through a “Wish Concert” at the World Trade Center, where it featured various OPM Bands, grants wishes from a lot of people and introduced its radio bus, among other events. This new station plays mostly oldies & less of 2000s music, much similar to 100.3 RJFM. It is manned by DJs we’re familiar with, notably Hill Billy Willy (of 93.9 WKC & RJFM; I used to listen to him when I was in Grade School), Jelly Kiss (of 7.9 Home Radio as Alex), Uncle Harry (of 91.5 Big Radio as Brother Bear, 97.1 Brgy. LS as Papa Bear & Bombo Radyo Naga), Princess, Alice,  & Flynn Rider. The surprisingly good thing about this station is that, the DJs speak in English. These DJs grant your wishes or requests, hence the name.

This is the 3rd time 107.5 has rebranded. From 1987 – 2010, it used to be NU 107, one of the very popular stations in the metro which played rock music & promoted local bands to the music scene. This station continued the journey of WXB 102, a New Wave station which went off air back in 86. In 2010, Manny Luzon (the brainchild of Love Radio & Energy FM) killed NU in favor of Win Radio, a Hot AC station which didn’t include “double meaning” songs & green talk & set a trend in the Hot AC Market. He even claimed that Stations can’t serve one menu a day, meaning that a station can’t play music from only 1 genre. This only lasted for 4 years, though it had performed quite well that it ranked #7 in the FM radio ratings. Last June, Daniel Razon’s BMPI took over 107.5 upon UNTV‘s 10th (supposedly 13th) anniversary. A few days later, Win Radio moved to 91.5 (formerly Big Radio). It was initially

This is also a wish come true that 107.5 exited from the Hot AC market. It looks like this is another RJFM in the making, in terms of its playlist. It plays a variety of 70s, 80s & 90s, as well as the 2000s. At least this is way better than Win Radio. Now that Wish FM’s pilot broadcast was indeed a success, let’s wish them luck during its succeeding days.