Jeepney Diaries: Trip-Cutting in Antipolo (Part2)

February 21, 2014

In my previous blog, I encountered jeepneys which usually travel from Antipolo to Tikling. In this part, I encountered those which usually travel from Shopwise to Tikling and asked the drivers the reason behind their trip-cutting.


Tanay – Cainta: DWG 821
During late afternoons to evenings, he makes trips from El Dorado to Tikling. But during mornings, he makes 3 trips from Teresa to Junction. He rarely makes trips to Tanay. He’s afraid he might end up having 2 or no passengers in his jeep once he reaches Junction or Tanay. So, he looked for a way to get more passengers and that was… looking for passengers in Tikling, who are bound for Shopwise & El Dorado, and have a hard time looking for jeeps bound for Morong/Tanay. He doesn’t even want to fall in line with the other jeepneys in a terminal in Junction to avoid fighting with the other drivers.

Tanay – Cainta: DWV 187
During late afternoons to evenings, he makes trips from Shopwise to Tikling (because he wants to, since he holds the franchise). But during mornings, he makes 4 trips from El Dorado to Junction (Nowadays, I see him traveling this route once during afternoons). He rarely makes trips to Tanay, notably during Sundays. He can’t travel to Tanay because it is a mountainous place, there are a few or no street lights along Provincial Rd. & Manila East Rd., in going there. Hence, he’s afraid he might have an accident there.

Antipolo – JRC: DDL 730
During mornings, he travels to JRC. But during afternoons & early evenings, he travels to Tikling. During this time, it’d be almost time for another driver to take his place. His jeep’s garage is a bit farther from Bayan, it takes him time to return there. So, he doesn’t want to waste time on traffic along Ortigas. Meanwhile, the other driver (operator) travels the full route during evenings.


Here’s what I learned from these drivers, to wrap things up. Some drivers tend to cut trips because:
*They would end up with a few passengers when they reach their assigned destination.
*The road they pass is somewhat dangerous & prone to accidents. (If that’s the case, then why have a franchise with a route which passes within that area. What a waste of franchise.)
*And when it’s almost time for them to turn their jeep over to another driver.

More of these to come soon, but this time in other places…


Jeepney Diaries: Trip-Cutting in Antipolo

January 26, 2014

There are some drivers who are trip-cutting, which means that they’re not completing the route. In this part, I encountered jeepneys which usually travel from Antipolo to Tikling and asked the drivers the reason behind their trip-cutting.


Antipolo – Cubao: DGK 711

This driver doesn’t want to waste time on waiting for passengers on a particular stop along the way. He might end up having a few passengers on his way to Cubao (and back to Antipolo) and end up earning little money. So, he looked for a way to get more passengers and that was: looking for passengers in Tikling (Ironically, he hasn’t found much passengers on his way there, since I was the only passenger at that time). He told me, “Kani-kanilang diskarte yan sa pagbibiyahe.

He usually travels during the afternoons & evenings. He initially makes trips to Tikling, but makes 2 trips to Cubao during late evenings before he calls it a day. Hiring a “kundoktor” for his jeep or letting someone rent his jeep aren’t his cup of tea, since he knows the matrix. When traveling to Cubao, it depends on him if he wants to pass through Ortigas-Junction or Sumulong, since he considers his jeep a colorum.

Antipolo – Cubao: DFK 612

The driver whom I talked is one of the veteran drivers, who has been doing his job for the past 33 years. I think this may be his only living for his family. Sometimes, he drives. Sometimes, he doesn’t since he has experienced body aching from this job.

He usually travels during mornings & late afternoons to evenings. During late afternoons to evenings, he makes trips to Tikling (since at that time, his body was aching). But during mornings, he makes 2 trips to Cubao. Before, during mornings, he brings students to Fatima. Some drivers, whose jeepneys hold the same route as his, followed what he did. However, he stopped this because the OPSS got angry at him for this, since jeepneys, which hold the route “Antipolo-Marikina”, are allowed to do this job.

He doesn’t want to hire a driver to drive his jeep because they may not maintain his jeep and may earn more than him. He doesn’t even want to hire a kunduktor since he knows the matrix. Before, his jeep was assigned to pass through Ortigas-Junction. Nowadays, it is assigned to pass through Sumulong, since he gets passengers at Emerald Plaza.

Antipolo – Cubao: DHC 189
The driver whom I talked to is another veteran driver. He does trip-cutting, in order to avoid the traffic in Imelda Ave. and Marcos Hi-way. There are times when his back is aching.

He usually travels during mornings & late afternoons to evenings. During mornings, he makes trips to Cubao, via Junction. During late afternoons to evenings, he makes trips to Tikling. But, he’d travel to Cubao on his last trip, depending on his body condition.


Unfortunately, there was a colorum Jeepney, which used to hold the route Antipolo – Cubao (However, the Cubao sign was scrapped). Nowadays, I don’t see this running to Tikling anymore, not even in its garage near Tikling. Maybe, it was impounded. Now that’s good news.

Here’s what I learned from these drivers, to wrap things up. Some drivers tend to cut trips because:
*They experience body aching from driving too much. Hence, they know what’s right for them.
*They would end up with a few passengers when they reach their assigned destination. Operators, who are also drivers, never rent their jeep to any other driver because they might not take good care of them.

There’s a Part 2 of this post, wherein I encountered jeepneys from Shopwise. More of these to come soon…

Election 2013

May 12, 2013

People voting (Courtesy of

Election is just around the corner. However, before & during every campaign, there are a lot of issues involving electoral fraud, notably the vote misreadings, vote buying and misinformation, the top 3 methods for people to vote for the wrong candidates. Vote misreading is a way of manipulating the results, notably exchanging results of, for example, 2 mayoral candidates. Vote buying is a way of buying someone’s vote for a candidate to win and is paid through money. Misinformation is a way of giving rumors to people about a candidate, urging them to vote for the other candidate, and is done through text and PM.

Political dynasties are one of the issues here in the Philippines. Political families control a particular city and/or province. They may not die, but they may probably multiply in the next terms. Examples are Ynareses of Rizal, Binays of Makati, and Ejecrcitos of San Juan & Laguna. As stated in Article II, Section 26 of the 1987 Philippine Constitution, “The State shall guarantee equal access to opportunities for public service, and prohibit political dynasties as may be defined by law.” Nonetheless, this rule was never followed in some provinces & towns because of Oligarchy, causing corruption in this government.

I’ll be sharing my opinions about some happenings related to election.


Recently, I received 2 text messages spreading rumors about Antipolo Mayor Nilo Leyble and his wrongdoings, which might make people decide to vote for Leyble’s opponent, Rizal Gov. Jun Ynares.

From 09325283877:

Takot pala talaga si Nilo Leyble kay Dok Jun Ynares. Sa debate sa Katedral, pinabastos ni Leyble si Dok Jun Ynares sa mga taga-sigaw at tagapag patugtog ng jingle sa laki ng takot na madinig ng tao ang katotohanan. Pakiusap ng pari hindi pinakinggan, simbahan hindi ginalang. Style mo Nilo Bulok!

From 09325283927:

From Dok Jun Ynares: Wala pang tatangaling empleyado ng Antipolo City Hall sa aking panunungkulang. Tanging ang unang ginang na si Menchie Leyble at 27 relatives lang pa ni Nilo Leyble na nasa payroll ng Antipolo ang iimbestigahan kung legal ang employment at pagpapasuweldo ng taumbayan.

For those who received text scams like these, don’t believe in those. They will probably ruin a candidate’s image, especially. Besides, Leyble has done quite a good job in Antipolo and there’s nothing wrong about him. And if Ynares wins this election as Mayor, he’d be probably gaining more control in Antipolo. 2 Ynareses (Binangonan Mayor and Rizal Governor) are enough. Why add 1 or 2 more for every city? In other words, why should Ynares run for Antipolo mayor? Just to control the Entire Rizal under control and/or suck up the money of every Rizaleno? This also applies to all communities as well. Politics isn’t family business. Say NO to political dynasty.

Senatorial candidate Nancy Binay is one of the trending candidates this elections. Why vote for her just because her dad (Jojo Binay) is the Vice President? She doesn’t even have a background in politics, but just a PA of his dad. Besides, her siblings, Junjun (Makati Mayor) & Abigail (Makati Congresswoman), are way better than her. Risa Hontiveros has done a lot more than Binay. She should’ve started as a councilor instead. Don’t vote for a candidate because of his/her known surname. Instead, vote for a candidate who has a good background & has contributed a lot for this country.

The Manila campaign gets rougher this election. It’s Erap vs. Lim. Fred Lim has served Manila as Mayor for the past 4 terms and, according to some gathered info, he has done a lot to make Manila more disciplined, not to mention his Limsanity meme. Erap, although he’s more known in the showbiz industry, had done a good job when he was Mayor of San Juan, leaving that city clean, with little squatters (someone told me before that Erap used to transfer the squatters to a land in what is now the southwest part of Taytay, Rizal). Now, after Erap resigned from Presidency for plundering, leaving this country corrupt, over a decade ago, he’s trying to gain back his power by running for President last term. However, he lost. Now, he’s running once again, but this time for Mayor of Manila, where he was born. For me, I doubt that, if he wins, he’d do the same as what he had done when he was Mayor of San Juan. He may be like what he did when he was President. I doubt that Erap will win, Lim will still win this election. Once a person falls down from power because of a big mistake, it will be hard for him to gain it back.

Ironically, Erap & his running mate, Isko Moreno, are part of the showbiz industry. Speaking of Vice Mayors, based on an article that I read about Political Stars, if you thought Isko is the only actor running for Vice Mayor in Manila, think again. Lou Velasco, his opponent & Lim’s running mate, is also an actor. Actors, actresses & other people from the showbiz industry have the right to dedicate in Public Service.


To wrap things up, for me, voting may be like taking an exam. You just have to choose the right candidate for a particular seat. Don’t cheat. Don’t deal with vote buying and misinformation. It is you to decide on whom to vote & hope what’s best for the country. So, this election, VOTE WISELY.