Forgetting The Bad Past

May 14, 2017

Something we need to remove the bad memories for good. (Photo courtesy of: Broken Relationships)

There’s a saying that “the past comes back to haunt you”. I somewhat agree with that. Sometimes, it’s hard to forget the bad memories of the past, especially when it traumatizes you. They can be forgotten at a time. However, as time goes by, they’ll invade your mind again. Whether it’s a particular sound, object or place related to an accident or a traumatic event (which is usual for people with PTSD), or it surprisingly pops into your mind (since you’ll never know when). Here are a few examples.

Flippy of Happy Tree Friends is a retired soldier. He fought in wars and served in the army for a long time, causing him to have a critical case of PTSD. Whenever he sees or hears something which reminds him of war, he gets wild & kill the other characters who are with him. Flippy is an example of a person with PTSD.

Someone told me that Pres. Duterte has some bad memories from the past in which he forgot. And when 2 of the former DDS members showed up during the hearings, they exposed the killings ordered by him. It looks like the past has come to haunt him. I’d rather not comment about it further since I’m not interested in politics.

Life is full of mysteries. The bad past can probably get people Triggered.